Hiri 365

Conquer your Inbox. Say #bye to Outlook.

Hiri 365 is fully compatible with Office365 and Exchange. Your emails, calendars, folders, tasks etc. will sync instantly. Hiri stores your mail in a proper database, which means search is blazingly fast and effective. On average we check our email 96 times a day! That's every 5 minutes. Our dashboard helps you stay productive throughout the day.

Can this program help gmail fans? :)
@realrus hi Stas - not at the moment. Office 365 for now. Gmail is on the roadmap for next year.
I like what I saw...just I can't use it. Gotta have imap, so far every productivity focused email tool I've seen recently fails here. I suppose the whole world should be using either 365 or gmail?
I happy with option the download for Ubuntu. (but) Other email providers, such as Gmail, Yahoo, etc are currently not supported. No support IMAP?
@bernardocastro not just yet. On the roadmap for next year!
a. How do you turn email into appointments: Outlook is the only app that lets me convert an email and turn recipients into invitees. b. Do you support keyboard shortcuts (like gmail)?