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Yo, @lexilewtan! Congrats at the new role at Hired. It seems like a perfect fit for you. I especially like that you're adding more transparency to the hiring process. How are you getting talent on the site? cc'ing @andreasklinger who is working on a project in this field (we happened to skype earlier this morning about it).
I came across this a few weeks ago before getting accepted into the next Tradecraft cohort. How do you help someone like myself who doesn't have previous tech company experience? Also, one side note that I noticed on the homepage: Out of 26 pictures, there are only two women. I'm not sure how the pictures are curated, so it may just be my timing. You might want to consider changing this to avoid any scrutiny that may arise as a result. I imagine the last thing you want to do is look like you're excluding women.
** I have used hired 2 times and got a job, in fact i recently broke a company record by being "hired" within 8 hours of being listed on their platform** This email proves it -> https://imgur.com/a/I8DyC
I have a problem uploading my CV, it say's it can't be parsed. What's up with that?