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Thanks for hunting us, Ryan! Hey everyone! We're so excited to launch this site today. Here's some background on this project. Please let me know if you have any questions! // Tech Ladies started as a few women getting coffee on Friday mornings before work. It has quickly grown into an active online community of 2,000+ women all over the world who work in product, engineering, design, marketing, business development, ops and more. Members of the group hail from top companies and startups like Adobe, Tesla, Spotify, NASA, Apple, Tumblr, Palantir, and Buzzfeed, just to name a few. From the beginning, one of the best aspects of the group has been sharing job openings with each other, along with inside info on whether or not the company is truly a good place for women to work.  This information and networking is priceless. That’s why today we’re launching Hire Tech Ladies to build on this tradition. For the past few months, we’ve been sending weekly emails featuring jobs from companies that want to hire more women in tech and the response has been bananas. Our site is launching today with jobs from companies like Warby Parker, Spring, Buffer, Jet, and more.  There is clearly a huge opportunity to connect women in tech with the best jobs ever (and companies with the best women techmakers), and we’re excited push that forward with Hire Tech Ladies. Looking forward to chatting with you about this!
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@allisonveronica This is awesome! I will tweet and tell all my portfolio companies about you.
@allisonveronica anything in Toronto?
@allisonveronica this is awesome! We could have used this 2 years ago. Bookmarked to use quite soon :)
so much like! congrats on the launch @allisonveronica!
@allisonveronica wrote a piece on this topic a few months back titled, Everyone wants to hire more women in tech, and I have an idea for making that happen. Awesome to see her take this further. @allisonveronica -- how do you match talent with companies?
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@rrhoover Thanks, Ryan! We actually don't do matching. The first thing we do is work with companies who support women in tech, and actively want to hire more women. We look for things like generous parental leave, open/transparent salary formulas, and/or just a good culture for women according to recommendations from other ladies in our group. Then we write blurbs for each company, including the roles they're hiring for, and share with our group. We include a personal contact on each job posting so that women can reach out directly, and their application doesn't just sit in a pile. The jobs page is PW-protected for women in our group, but if any PH-ers are interested in checking it out, the current password is WINAGAIN. So excited to share this today!
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@allisonveronica @rrhoover oh my! This is awesome! May I try?
@allisonveronica excellent! I just shared this with my TA and ERG teams, who will undoubtedly be reaching out to connect our recruiters, women's forum members, and leaders to your network! @rrhoover
@hoyrogean @rrhoover What would you like to try?
We have been working with Allison and "Hire Tech Ladies" here at Yieldmo for a few weeks now and couldn't be more thrilled to see the site launch. Allison is a rare soul in this city, and the NYC Tech Ladies are doing more for the ecosystem than most.
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Congrats @allisonveronica ! Amazed at the community you've built. What's the biggest community lesson you've learned while growing it?
@eriktorenberg Thanks, Erik! It means a lot coming from you. I think one of the biggest things I've learned so far is that the tone you set from the beginning is really important. We try to focus on being positive and supportive in our group, not just creating a culture of asking, but making sure each person helps to create a culture of offering to help, too. We're going to work really hard to keep this as we grow bigger and bigger, too.
You have a fan in me! Love the heart behind the idea, @allisonveronica. Other companies that I'd highly recommend for women in #tech are @Zendesk and @ZoomInfo. I've personally worked w these teams. Top-shelf IMO. And if you need a powerhouse connector, Mrs. Dani Wanderer has been kicking butt and taking names as a female leader in tech for more years than I can count. Get on her radar ;)
@wileyccoyote @zendesk @zoominfo Hey! Wow thanks for this info. I would love to have you + Dani in the group if you're interested! http://www.hiretechladies.com/join/