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Hire a BuzzFeeder is a project built to help BuzzFeed employees laid off and currently looking for a new job


Vincent Denise
Fiodor Gheorghienco
Daniel Pacitti
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Alexandre Mouriec
Alexandre MouriecMaker@mrcalexandre · CS @ IUT Lannion | Side-projects Lover
Layoffs at major media companies like BuzzFeed and HuffPost were announced last week and impacted thousands of people around the US and beyond To help BuzzFeed employees who have been laid off from BuzzFeed, I aggregated the persons looking for their new home on one website. If you are hiring right now, visit the website to find your next colleague 🙏
David Klein
David Klein@dkleinof · Marketing and such
@mrcalexandre Thank you for making this
brubble®@brubble_ · Cat.
Seeing so many Laid of people makes me sad. *sadmiau*
Jeremy Holleb
Jeremy Holleb@jeremy_holleb
This is the stupidest project EVER. Buzzfeed is a cancer on this earth.
Alaric Calmette
Alaric Calmette@alariccalmette · Software Engineer
@jeremy_holleb I understand why one might dislike (more like hate in your case it seems) Buzzfeed, but does it mean that laid off people deserve to remain jobless?
This is just what I needed! Can you add filtering by location? We are trying to hire some local in NYC.
Jesse Jensen
Jesse Jensen@jessehojjensen · Web Designer/Publisher
@dreo1 If you are using chrome: ⭕ Click on the three vertical dots. ⭕ Click Find ⭕ Type New York (Use the up/down arrow keys to find them all) Faster option: ⭕ Ctrl+F Finally: Celebrate 🍰