Learn a new language, trivia, & more from your lockscreen

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Hey Everyone - so I fell in love with this company about 3 months ago, they had built one of the most challenging Android Lockscreens we had seen - initially really focused on Math. It was so good - even the former MIT grads here at Science could not solve the math challenges when put on Expert mode! We began working with the entrepreneurs and opening up less brainy challenges - trivia and even a custom pack for Recode. I challenge you to play with this - if you think you are smarter than our guys - challenge us. But I warn, Math on Expert is nearly impossible.
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@mjones Thanks for calling me out on not being able to solve the math questions.
We're seeing more and more Android lockscreen-based products emerge. LokLok, a messenger app that works right on the lockscreen, is one of the more innovative ones I've seen recently. @mjones / @peterpham - Hiq is a creative idea. I'm an iOS user but I would use this to surface fun/interesting trivia (maybe InstaNerd-style conversations starters). What are you thoughts on personalizing the content based on past behavior, location, social connections, etc.?
@rrhoover We haven't gone too deep into personalizing based on location or behavior -- what are your thoughts there? The quiz mode is brand new / beta, but as soon as we feel good about that we're going to bring it over to iOS and do some social-based personalization. We also really want to get people contributing content, but are unsure of the best way to get that going.
@petersellis it's hard to say how useful "personalization" may be. It may be over-optimization, but there could be some fun use cases. E.g. when I'm traveling, HiQ might inform me of trivial relevant to landmarks nearby.
Pretty cool @mjones, sort of makes me want to go android
When are you planning to release an IOS version?
@joelburke2014 unfortunately iOS doesn't allow for lockscreen customization like this (at least not yet), although they could do something interesting with iOS 8's interactive push notifications.
@joelburke2014 What Ryan said is correct, but we will probably have a quiz mode version in the next 3 months for iOS.
Interesting idea. However the unlock process should be quick and simple. I have 4 digits password on my phone and it bothered me a lot at the beginning but I'm used to it now and don't even mind it. I see this more like something I would put on kid's phone so can use it only when it solves the math problem. I've checked the website and a few minor tweaks can make it look a lot better. What bothers me is the outer glow on the logo and the justified typography in the sections. A friend had an idea for very simplistic "unlock phone" games. For example you swipe up a bowling ball, see the points and unlock the phone. It's a matter of very few seconds.
@mightyalex we have tried to make the process as quick and simple when you don't want to spend more then a second unlocking your phone. You can quick unlock into your favorite apps and see the correct answer when you're in a pinch for time. Thanks for the feedback on the design!
This is really good feedback, thanks @mightyalex.