Hippo Wiz

Screen recorder for quickly creating videos for support

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Hey y’all, we are really excited to bring you Hippo Wiz, a hippo that loves videos. Video is mainstream now. No doubt, it engages customers of any business throughout their lifecycle. We believe video plays an even bigger role in improving customer support experience. So we thought we would start there, as we set foot in the world of video. Hippo Wiz is not just a screen or webcam recorder tool. We handle the complete support video resolution process contextually, from creating, editing (do check out our editing features) to publishing in Helpdesk (integrates with Freshdesk & Zendesk as of now) and as a solution. Pretty excited to hear what y’all think. We also offer special discount for PH. Coupon code: HW-PH-SPL BTW thanks for the hunt @kwdinc
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Good luck! I was looking for something like this
@tomer_aharon Thanks. BTW, Did you try video editor of Hippo Wiz?
Sounds amazing. This will certainly help resolve issues faster without being over intrusive or over descriptive. For those who describe the steps with long text and so many annotated screenshots can now easily send the instructions in much better useful instruction. No getting lost for the customers. In many cases, support staffs end up asking for the user credentials to resolve the issue, can now just share the Wiz Magic. Thanks for the tool. Looking forward to integration with Zoho Desk.
@hemant19cse Thanks Hemant for taking your time. You've nailed the use cases. We are looking forward to integrating with Zoho Desk as well.
Sounds awesome! Any more integrations in the pipeline?
@viganb Thanks for liking us. Upcoming integrations GrooveHQ, Desk.com, Intercom, Zoho Desk and we will be adding more. Let us know what you're looking at?
@nilamchand great, thanks. What about JIRA Service Desk?
@viganb @nilamchand JIRA SD just got into our radar and will try to make it happen.
@nilamchand +1 vote for Intercom integration
any plans to integrate with intercom or save to vimeo?
@passingnotes Vimeo Pro is planned and will be available in a couple of weeks. Intercom is in the roadmap too. It has multiple use cases we would like to hear what use case you're looking at.