Get introduced to your extended social network

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How had this not already been shared... @willimholte should share his thoughts. He did a round robin with all the dating apps.
This has been out for a while.
@benparr So I've seen. Still not widely available. Do you suggest it's not successful?
@thisisjorik Its most likley gone the Highlight and Sonar route... buzz without traction
@thisisjorik No. Product hunt's tagline is literally "the best new products" -- this is not a new product. It doesn't belong here.
Only available in DC, Philadelphia, NYC, Boston, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta, Dallas, and L.A. but I think they will expand fast. Get introductions to people from your extended social circles based on your interest graph. This could be used professionally and personally. Anyone used this before?
@thisisjorik Yes, been out for a while and this is purely a dating app. Think of it as one step less creepy than tinder. It's extremely successful in NYC. People prefer it to Tinder because requiring a mutual friend in common serves as a point of validation. Not getting matched up with absolutely random people.
@taykcrane 100%. I have a close friend (NYC) who met his current girlfriend on Hinge
these ideas have been tried and tested many times, think Highlight, Sonar... and they didnt get much traction (lots of buzz though).
anyone have successful experiences with Hinge? would love to hear a roundup of one's experiences w/ dating apps if @willimholte or anyone else has one :)
@eriktorenberg Sure thing! Like @thetylerhayes said, I tried out a bunch, sometimes just to see the on boarding. Some day I might write up some full thoughts, but I haven't gotten to it yet. I tried out Hinge a while ago, and it didn't work for me at all. I think the problem may have been network size, coupled with my relatively small circle of Facebook friends (esp. in the bay area)—I used for at least a few weeks and got no matches. Generally speaking, I don't like the apps that limit the number of people I can see per day (@rrhoover and I chatted a bit about this in http://www.producthunt.com/posts... )—it may actually work better in theory, but in practice it makes the app feel somewhat useless.
@willimholte totally agree. what apps have given you better experiences?
@eriktorenberg It's basically impossible to top Tinder. It seems to have the biggest network by a large enough degree that it works way better. I also like OkCupid, but the work : meet people ratio is worse in OkCupid.