Board activity tracking for Trello

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Thank you djug for hunting us! Hi everyone, this is Yassine El Kachchani from Hidden Founders, maker of the app. Many of us here use Trello religiously, we probably even remember exactly where were we when we first got to that damn blue one-page app. Since then: Kanban everywhere. Working with many founders and developers through our program and trying to intervene when it is needed gave birth to Hillo. We wanted a way to rank boards that requires our attention. We wanted to stay informed in order to make sure the inactivity root problem is not related to misunderstandings or unexpected events/findings that requires decisions to be made. This is an initial MVP attempt to tackle the macro management problem. I remember attending a small event where Hiten Shah mentioned that even with all the terrific job the trello-asana of the world are doing with project micro management, he (and the kissmetrics team) is still using a google sheet to track projects at a high level. I found it astonishing that nothing was built to help with that. Voilà, we are looking forward to your feedback and suggestions guys (I bet most of you PH community members have Trello opened in a tab near this one :) ) . Our Hillo team is pretty quick at shipping and iterating, so please don’t hesitate leaving a comment with your thoughts.
Looks very handy for us - while having a couple of boards, for a couple of companies. Great product!
@avrliza Thanks ! We're having exactly the same situation at Hidden Founders. Several boards, several teams and several companies. I would really love to get your feedback on what should be next on our development road map.
Android PLEASE
@kkhutsishvili Soon enough, it is in the road map !
Nice! Added to my Tools for Trello collection! https://www.producthunt.com/@bha...
@bhavesh Awesome ! Cool collection you have there.
Thanks! Just started to play with it. Looks handy when you have a lot Trellos active, want to stay on top of activity or just want to be alerted for specific users. I'm curious if Trello's can be sorted otherwise than active/inactive. Will activity be presented chronologicly? Can I make my own arrangements (work/private)? By order and/or different colors? Last, put a few sentences more on your website on the why and how. Maybe a short explainer video. Don't be shy, I think you got something!
@otto_offringa thanks for trying out Hillo! to be honest we initially built Hillo for our own internal use. We have many teams working on different projects, so staying in sync was a bit of an issue for us. We wanted a way to prioritize our interventions. Activity seemed like the first and legit indicator to track. As of now, you can set the period of inactivity that Hillo will be based on (12, 24, 48 hours...). No sorting feature is available now but will definitely consider it in our road map (along with the landing page copy). Do you manage different teams within Trello?