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Add your name, title, company, and logo to your virtual background. Anyone on your Zoom call who scans your QR code will have your digital business card, so you can continue your meetings with potential investors or clients with ease.
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Hi, hello! We are excited to introduce virtual backgrounds for Zoom*, from @HiHello! 🎉 Because of #COVID19, Zoom meetings are an everyday occurrence. Zoom is great, but our team encountered a few problems: 1) It’s easy to forget you have a personal and professional brand presence to maintain during meetings. 2) There’s no easy way to share business cards during Zoom calls. We created HiHello virtual backgrounds for Zoom to give people a simple way to showcase their brand, and have an even easier way to share their digital business cards while we’re #socialdistancing. 🚫🤝 When you create a HiHello background, your digital business card is linked to a background image of your choosing. Your name, title, company, and logo will be displayed on the left, and your QR code will be on the right. Anyone on the Zoom call who aims their phone’s camera at your code will have full access to your digital business card. These backgrounds are great for if you’re in a large meeting and don’t know anyone, if you’re networking, or if you simply don’t want anyone on the call to see what the inside of your home looks like. We hope you enjoy your new virtual background! For more information, visit our website, or read our blog posts about how to make a virtual background, and how to add your virtual background to Zoom. If you haven’t already, make your first digital business card. After that, feel free to make as many virtual backgrounds as you’d like 🙌🏽 App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/hi... Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/ap... Cheers! Dr. Manu Kumar Co-founder & CEO @ HiHello * Zoom refers to the leading cloud platform for video conferencing provided by Zoom Video Communications Inc. HiHello is neither affiliated with nor endorsed by Zoom.
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HiHello HQ
Palm Trees
OMG Puppies
Ocean View
WFH Vibes
Dark Mode
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@melissa_u_1 the OMG Puppies theme is soooo adorable
@vivek_nair Right? Who doesn't love puppies?
@melissa_u_1 You didn't list the forest view, which is my favorite!
@positivelysue Ah, darn! Glad to hear you like that one though!
Looks very useful! Congrats Manu and Mel!
Happy Friday! 🎊 I’m part of the team that built HiHello virtual backgrounds for Zoom. I’d love to get your input on some of the background images we have available for you. (My personal favorite is “OMG Puppies!” but I’m a dog mom, so I may be a little biased 😉) We wanted to come up with a variety of backgrounds so you can choose one that fits your personal brand. Don’t like any of ours? No problem, upload your own! We hope the background builder tool is fairly straightforward, but we created a blog post just in case anyone needs a little extra help. Blog: www.hihello.me/blog/create-a-hih... We also created a video tutorial that walks you through the process. Video tutorial:
Finally, sometimes the final step of adding your new virtual background to Zoom can be a little confusing, so read our guide on how to add or change your Zoom virtual background. Blog: www.hihello.me/blog/how-to-chang... We hope you enjoy your new virtual backgrounds! Feel free to tweet at us (@hihello) or contact support if you have any questions. Twitter: https://twitter.com/HiHello Support: https://www.hihello.me/contact Thanks for reading, and enjoy! Mel
@fishmanalex Thank you!