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It's been too long since we updated the app. But we think it's worth it. It was a total rewrite using C# and Microsoft's Xamarin. I interview @michaeldwan about it here if you want the nitty gritty dev details:
It's a great stack that now allows us to have a single code base with native speed working on Android and iOS. If anyone has any questions about Highrise or our development of the app, we are here. Hope everyone is having a great week.
@michaeldwan @natekontny Congrats! Quick question: why not React Native?
@joshuapinter good question 😁 After building a prototype in both I found myself more productive with Xamarin and c#. React native has a *lot* of awesome features that were tempting, but JavaScript quirks and thrashing in the ecosystem are real problems. Yes, we probably could've shipped in less time with React Native. Yes, CodePush is a game changer. I'm just not convinced this productivity will last over the years as the codebase ages and target platforms evolve. Maintaining a large app in a dynamic language is hard. Relying on frameworks and patterns that go from hot to passé to abandoned within a year is a recipe for the perpetual rewrite. We want to ship high quality mobile apps to our customers without requiring a dedicated mobile team. c#, Xamarin, and the surrounding tools let us do just that and are downright delightful to use. YMMV
@michaeldwan Thanks for the reply, Michael! We've got a couple apps using React Native and, yes, we've bumped up against some of those limitations. Hopefully, with Facebook (and even Microsoft) putting a lot of weight behind it and with strong community support it won't be going anywhere soon.
Big fan of Highrise. This release gives some of the features that I complained about for awhile. More importantly, this update allows the small team at Highrise to focus on producing new features that will work on their mobile site and the website without having to focus on separate code bases. Looking forward to seeing them focus on new features and improvements over the next few years.
side note: great shirt choice @natekontny :ok_hand:
3.1 out now too! But not just iOS. Android too. At the same time! https://medium.com/highrisehq/mo...