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Medium-style highlighting in every app and website. πŸ–Œ

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πŸ‘‹ Hi everybody! Thanks @eriktorenberg! Andrew from Highly here. Highlights are the killer way to share stories with friends (online and off). And since we mostly read on our phones, we need to highlight there, too. So we’re pleased as heck to share Highly for iOS, version one, here today. Now you can highlight wherever you’re reading, including *within* darn near every app on your phone. (See also: Highly for web, Chrome and Safari). Read our POV on How to Highlight the Internet: https://medium.com/highlight-to-... And a pseudo-thinkpiece on how the highlight layer will make the web more useful: https://medium.com/highlight-to-... We’re stoked for your questions, comments and ideas!
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@covrter This is great, Andrew. Would love to try this on Android!
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@covrter Hi Andrew, have you heard about https://this.cm/ and that the service is shutting down next month? Since your aims are pretty similar (making it easier to recommend readworthy articles), it would be interesting if both services would collab.
We hear you @prateekkesharii πŸ‘ No news on that right now unfortunately.
@ungeruehrt @covrter We loved This! Just recently chatted with @agolis, excited to learn more from them.
@covrter any chance the highlighter itself will be open sourced? more so interested on the web. I've been working on a highlighter for the web that could be plugged in to any site, to be open sourced, but still have a ways to go before I can put it out there for folks to use. Great product by the way, very slick!
I'm *so* excited for this. This was something I wanted to build about 1.5y ago and even kicked off the very prelim designs for it but pushed aside. To see this is honestly a day-maker. I spend so much time ticked at the difficulties of finding hacks to highlight, screenshot and share gems of text I think others would be interested in. Not to mention the difficulty that comes with an inability to consistently highlight in certain apps. Seriously huge kudos on this. I'm happy Highly exists! It's beautiful.
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@imcatnoone Cat! Wow! Thank you! (Blushing). We're just getting started ...
@covrter for sure! The only thing that would prevent me from consistently using it is how long it takes to convert each article to be ready for highly. Also, the conversion % screen not automatically dismissing once it's finished was slightly funky. I expected it to go away but then realized I have to X out myself. Aside from that, it's awesome.
@imcatnoone Totally agree. We already have some things in mind to speed up β€” and clean up β€” that flow. Every little millisecond is friction!
I love the way Medium's highlighting feature works. With highly, you can use it anywhere on the web + a new iPhone app πŸ“±πŸš€
@nivo0o0 Yes! The Medium highlighter is delicious.
@nivo0o0 I wish Apple allowed developers to build add-ons to the system highlight pop-over UI like shown in this animation. As it is now, you have to tap Share, then wait for the sharesheet to slide up, then scroll to the app you want, then tap the app.
@theleovogel Leo! This is actual footage :) of my actual thumb in our actual app. The flow you describe is required to enable Highly, and once you've done that, the Highly "!" appears in your context/popover menu.
Finally a product to collect important lines than collecting complete articles . Thanks for creating such a awesome tool .
Thanks for the ❀️ @amitsquare !
Highly is a great app. I've been using it since beta and it has been polished so well all along. This really fills a gap between twitter and Pocket. It's kind of lazy to share article links on twitter & Slack, so this is a way to not only prove you have read the article, but your colleagues will appreciate you saved them time (the app even tells them how many minutes to read the highlights versus the entire article). Compared to little engagement before, I find most Highly articles I share are read by my audience. Strongly recommended.
@rstephens That last sentence β€” "I find most Highly articles I share are read by my audience." β€” makes my day. That's the whole goal: actual connection.