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#4 Product of the DaySeptember 16, 2015
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Can you highlight Product Hunt? Yes, and it's a dope way to share the best of the AMAs. We'll be live-highlighting @om and @jason. Check out @mirceap's highlights from these earlier AMAs: @StartupLJackson https://www.highly.co/hl/55ea0b7... @dens https://www.highly.co/hl/55f6352... @bhorowitz https://www.highly.co/hl/55ea1e3...
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@covrter Also, love for the highlights from @naval's AMA http://www.producthunt.com/live/... (install Highly for Chrome above, then click link).
@wuebben @covrter Congrats guys, love the new version! and awesome video :)
Cy! @saidurh Thank you. :)
Now Highly works on every single website! Add their highlighter button for Chrome, and your highlighter stays one click or keyboard shortcut away, anywhere. (Except for "shifty" pages like gmail :) I've been following the Highly team since @Bosefina posted their web version of Highly last year. Since then it's saved me a bunch of time, and been fun to see them evolve their product, launch on mobile, and vastly expand the number of sites they support. @covrter @wuebben Can you guys talk about the product & engineering decisions from the way your private beta did highlighting, to mobile, to a browser extension for every site in the world? And now that Medium launched a highlighter, how are you thinking Highly fits into the reading/saving/sharing landscape?
Hi Hunters! Thanks for Hunting us, @staringispolite! The product choice was easy, and the technology was less so. Our MVP approach was to take slurp stories into a “reader view” and enable highlighting there. Despite the benefits (like making @paulg’s site readable, heyo!), the experience was jarring and felt slow. It was immediately clear that highlighting needed to happen on the original piece. It’s instant and intuitive. Getting it work was neither. Hey @wuebben, tell us about the tech!
@staringispolite I love the way you pose the reading/saving/sharing question because that’s an useful way to think about it. Reading! We want stories worth our time, and there are more of those than ever. Friends’ highlights are a great lens for the constant choice: should I read on? Saving (Time Shifting) is a superpower! Snooze stories until you can give them attention. Also super: because my Pocket list is paired with Highly, by the time I’m ready to read ‘em, I can often start with friends highlights (see above). Saving (Keep a Copy) is hard! People fill their Evernotebooks and Dropboxes then never revisit them. What we think we’ll want in the future and what we do is … not the same. Maybe Timehop is the most interesting thing happening there :) Sharing! Our habits are been shaped by our tools: we have links, so we share articles. But we *really* want to share ideas, so we *really* need a way to, ahem, highlight those. The rise of Tweetshots/Screenshorts/@OneShots captures this desire well.
Thanks @staringispolite for your hunt and your highlights! We learned a lot by first launching as private beta. We took the shortest tech route possible that’d enable lots of use cases early. Initially, we invited a few dozen people in and let them invite a couple more peers. While only users could make highlights, we ensured anyone could consume them, without account, from any device. Less tire kicking, more driving. Then came on-article (Chrome first). We knew on-article highlighting could ease use 10x, and we knew it was a beastly technical challenge. On the web, we can assume nothing re layout, appearance, ads, colors, etc … and article content changes more than you’d think. It’s often the case that you and I are seeing slightly different pages. URL conventions don’t exist. Many are pushing functionality into the url that has nothing to do with the content of the page. Pagination, ajax-loaded scrolling into next article, ad injections mid-story, etc. … you get the picture. Delivering any consistency across these variables has been a major accomplishment. And there’s plenty of work left to do.
@covrter Saving/Saving is such an important and too-often-overlooked distinction. As a serious reader, I use Evernote to save EVERYTHING after I've read (and annotated) it - it isn't perfect but the full-text search is unparalleled. Nothing resurfaces old knowledge quite like getting to glimpse your own annotations in (something close to) the visual context in which you originally encountered it.
@eliservescent Yes! Evernote dominates that use case. You reminded me to mention that the design decision to include some context around the Highlighted Passage itself is a big one. On Medium, for instance, they include the full paragraph (which looks great). https://medium.com/@covrter/high...
This is excellent; wanted something like it for forever. Are there any plans to do something like a Dropbox sync or JSON API? With the greatest possible positivity, hope & good vibes for your eternal success & server uptime I'd love it if these also went to a markdown file on my Dropbox. (I see you have an export function though, that's awesome).
@jongold Yes, it's absolutely planned. Because a) you own your highlights and you can put them wherever you'd like, and b) #realtalk why trust the ideas you care most about to a startup? The current Export (nice sleuthing!) is just a start.
This is making it so much easier for me to highlight all the things... well done guys... #proudinvestor
@roybahat Thanks Roy! #proudinvestee
Hey guys, the new highlighter is excellent for Chrome! I spend lots of time reading on my phone as well... any plans to help me highlight there?
@nickoneill Thanks Nick! Highly should live wherever you read, so heck yes it's coming to your phone. Highly for iOS is well underway (sign up to test it here: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/...). Prototypes galore on my home screen:
@nickoneill Shoutout to @OneShot and @Medium (among others ... I could go on) who have have solved pieces of the mobile highlighting flow beautifully.