Highlight for Buffer

Extension that allows to share highlights to Buffer

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How does this differ from the existing buffer chrome extension? (Is it just the context-menu UI?)
@afhill From what I understand, you can do the same exact thing with the extension – just highlight text and press Alt+B. This is weird in that buffering the text opens a new tab. It seems slower and more clunky.
@caspertek @afhill So ya, when we first made this, it was because "why haven't buffer did this yet?" Which quickly became "why is this feature hidden on buffers app?" It wasn't very obvious, but yes, this is pretty much just a UI change in hindsight.
Since the announcement of 10k character limit on tweets there has been back and forth on people liking and disliking the idea. I'm leaning towards the latter but ultimately if my experience of Twitter is pretty similar I'm likely not to be bothered by it. @jack shared a screenshot about his thoughts on the character limit and Twitter as a whole. I actually like sharing screenshots, but this experience could be improved hugely. I was thinking yesterday, why doesn't Twitter add 'notes' where you can write those 10k characters but easily share highlights with a screenshot... but then I thought, @ev has done that with @Medium 🤔
@bentossell dude, we were thinking the same thing about the screenshot tool. We've already begun to make a quick prototype of a very basic click and drag, tweet, 1-2 step version. Do you want me to let you know once thats around? Most likely going to be going up on PH :)
I was expecting this to be something like oneshot, but for desktop. but from the screenshots it looks like you can only highlight quotes that would fit in a tweet. is that right?
@_jacksmith you can do it with snipandshare.com :)
@_jacksmith I thought the same thing and got excited. Buffer's Chrome extension already supports sharing quotes so I'm a little confused what this is for.
@rrhoover @_jacksmith I am sure @imhowardlo can explain what is it for
@_jacksmith That prototype is in the pipeline actually. Would you like a heads up? :)
@rrhoover @_jacksmith Honestly, didn't know the buffer functionality existed so this was meant to be something more. In hindsight though, it's just a slight UI improvement that I still believe buffer should consider, if anything.
so why is this in the top 10 of the products today?
@orliesaurus I think our UI is slightly easier and more obvious than the buffer app. It's not new by any means, but it's a lot slicker to use than status quo. I agree, there were really great products yesterday that deserved more attention :)
Sorry I'm late! No idea this would've gotten this big (top 10!). I'll be answering the questions if people are still here :D