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#5 Product of the DayApril 07, 2015
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Dan Provost
Dan ProvostMaker@danprovost · Designer, Studio Neat
Hello, Dan here from Studio Neat. Let me know if you have any questions about the app!
Matt Alexander
Matt Alexander@mattalexand · Person on the Internet.
@danprovost I love you guys. Can you help?
Pranay Airan
Pranay Airan@pranayairan · Senior Mobile Engineer Intuit
@danprovost I and a friend can help you in doing the android app, it will be a fund project for us :) you can connect me on twitter @pranayairan
Brian Moore
Brian Moore@lanewinfield · A guy
My favorite drink as of late, Highballed: http://d.pr/i/13BXJ
Justin Jackson
Justin JacksonHunter@mijustin · ⚡️ transistor.fm
@lanewinfield love that you're using "Highball" as a verb. ;)
Kevin Davis
Kevin Davis@kgdavis · Analytics and such at ChefSteps
You wouldn't believe the nonsense this replaced for sharing cocktails amongst a few of my friends :-D Love the simplicity, but still really excited for more. Would love it if my Death & Co cocktail book was in the library..
Dan Provost
Dan ProvostMaker@danprovost · Designer, Studio Neat
@kgdavis We would love to work with Death & Co to make this happen. Let us know if you have any connections :)
Micah Ghoulish
Micah Ghoulish@micahkulish · Co-Founder of Can I Stay with you whi...
woah, really can't upvote this enough. what a beautiful app. so few attractive and functional cocktail products out there. big ups.
Dan Provost
Dan ProvostMaker@danprovost · Designer, Studio Neat
@micahkulish Thanks Micah!
Ryan Connolly
Ryan Connolly@rpconnolly
Really nice work. Down the road would love a search function in the Library to find other great cards like this one: https://twitter.com/gruber/statu...
Dan Provost
Dan ProvostMaker@danprovost · Designer, Studio Neat
@rpconnolly Good idea!
Ryan Connolly
Ryan Connolly@rpconnolly
@danprovost Other wish list item would be restaurant/bar card packs. So I could browse around by Austin --> Condesa --> Paloma or SF --> Beretta --> Rattlesnake. Double bonus if through your future Reserve partnership the drinks I've ordered at restaurants show up in my library.