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Just saw an article from today written by @JenaMcGregor in The Washington Post: How a business book from the ’80s became a cult classic in Silicon Valley The article mentions how @bchesky @ev Mark Zuckerberg and, of course, @bhorowitz all have mentioned this book in some way or another... Now if that isn't a highly recommended book - I don't know what is!!!
Incredible book, but certainly not the "bible for startup management." Where H.O.M. is useful for startup founders: performance evaluations, 1:1s with subordinates, and methodically inspecting products for QA. The rest of the book describes managing large teams, making high level business decisions, and in general being more effective in an interrupt-driven professional environment. At startups, however, you (founder) have to create* the "busy" that HOM helps you navigate. You have to create* the systems from which HOM helps you squeeze more value.
@bhorowitz said in his LIVE Chat that this book was the one that most inspired The Hard Things About Hard Things
Finally started reading this earlier this week. So far it's living up to its reputation!
Totally loved the book and it's probably one of the few books I have a physical copy ordered from Amazon. Will be better if Apple can put this title on iBooks. :)