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Hide likes for a more authentic online experience

Hide likes and other vanity metrics for a more authentic online experience
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Hi Product Hunt! I made a Chrome extension to hide likes and other vanity metrics to help me focus more on authenticity over approval when creating and browsing online. Enjoy!
@dkthehuman this is a really good idea! I was wondering, have you thought of adding linkedIn?
Love this! I'm working on a social network in which I hide all of this. Love seeing other's creating products that reverse our current situation
@edisonjoao6871 <3 Looking forward to seeing the social network you're building!
The idea of no likes seems good in some ways, but not others. If it’s positive content, I’d love to see it getting lots of likes and loves, but I guess it’s a double edged sword.
(based on the email post from PH and not just this extension) Why not the platform allow this feature as optional? Meaning the creator of the post decides where he/she enables the post to have likes (and other such stuff) enabled on his/her post or not.
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The like has been abused and has taken a new meaning. It is the sources of all online presence stress and the associated anxiety!