Hi Flamyngo

A local city guide bot for Facebook Messenger

Hi Flamyngo is a pretty smart city guide bot which helps you find nearby restaurants, bars and hotels using Facebook Messenger + Foursquare data. Ask it a question and replies with a carrousel of local options. From there it shows you the map and opening times. Can't wait to see it become smarter over time with stuff like advanced filtering or even to allow the bot to make a reservation instantly.
@yvoschaap On behalf of Flammy the Flamyngo: thanks for hunting us! 💯 This is just the beginning of the love affair between Flamyngo & ChatBots. Looking forward to hear which features would come in handy and which user scenarios to focus on next. Indeed, filter and reservation options are yet to come. For example, we've just signed a strategic partnership with Booking.com in order to let everyone instantly book a hotel based on the recommendations of Flammy.
@mhgraven Great idea! Keep working, guys!
@rmilovanov thanks man, hope Flammy the Flamyngo inspires you where to go!
Dig this product. How will you make it 'smarter' with time? Also, any plans for integrating this bot within other apps?
@shawnlow Great to hear! We're committed on making Flammy 'smarter' by implementing more context. Think about a weather API for example and then only showing places nearby within 300 instead of 1000 meters when it rains. This is very specific, we'll obviously try to come up with better suggestions for someone who chats frequently with Flammy based on the previous chat sessions. Flammy will become available on other platforms like Slack too, most likely within months instead of weeks. Let us know if you have any preferred channel or additional feedback, thanks!