Spontaneous 30 second group video calls

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Hello Product Hunters! Co-founder of heyyo here. We’re really excited to launch heyyo today on Product Hunt! So, what’s heyyo all about? Many times when we got a photo or video from our friends, we wanted more. We wanted to be there and see what was going on. So we made group video calling spontaneous and fun! heyyo has 4 main features that we'd really like your feedback on: i) Calls are 30 seconds by default ii) Groups of up to 4 people can join the call iii) Each call starts with a photo iv) You poke your friends to get their attention Try it out and let us know what you think! Alyssa, Henri and I will be here to answer any and all your questions, and feel free to add us on heyyo and say hi! I’m at username “o”, Alyssa “a” and Henri “h”.
Android users! We're now in the Play store too 😃🎉
I love the idea of limiting to 30 seconds. It lowers hesitation to start a call when you're busy or not in the mood to chat for an unknown, lengthy time. Teleparty, another app for livestreaming video chat with friends, is awesome but most of the time I don't want to get stuck in a 30 minute convo, which can easily happen. cc @bencera_ @aakashsastry @oisinzimmermann - livestreaming and social communication apps are super competitive. How are you getting the word out?
@bencera_ @aakashsastry @rrhoover First of all we’re super happy to have been featured by PH, the community here is awesome ;) As for getting the word out - we’ve been focusing so far on leveraging various personal networks, such as friends and professional contacts across the world. Secondly, we’ve set up focus groups and beta testing with university campuses in the UK, Ireland, Norway, and Germany. We’re also working hard on a strong social media presence, first and foremost with our @heyyo twitter handle, but also with Facebook and other channels. We’re touching base with the press as of tomorrow, and going forward we’re planning to hit as many conferences as possible. The key for us will be uptake from the 13-25 year old demographic. That’s a tough nut to crack, but that’s where we’re aiming at long term.
Tried it out now and it seems to be a fun and cool app! But why is it limited to 30 secs?
@mkaroumi So we really wanted to keep it fun & spontaneous. 30 seconds lets you connect with your friends, show them what’s happening, while keeping it short and exciting. Constraining the time reduces the barrier to both calling AND answering, since the call is only 30 seconds long!
@mkaroumi @oisinzimmermann I'm a fan of constrictions (140 characters, 6 seconds, etc.) but I'm not sure if this solves a problem. How much can you really say in 30 seconds or less? Why not a full minute?
@mkaroumi @bryceoflife Hi Bryce! We know 30 seconds is very short! We've built in a "reset the timer" button to heyyo. When you receive a heyyo, if you like what you see you can reset the timer in the last 7 seconds and get another 30! It's a feature we'd love you to test it and let us know what you think!
Cool idea! I think the biggest challenge - as all apps face - is being able to use the product before friends sign up. Is there any way to take a picture and share out of network? Maybe a user takes a picture / 30 second video and sends it via text. The recipient could be taken to a URL where they see whatever their friend has sent? Just some suggestions! Curious to hear your take on this.
@shwinnabego Hi Ashwinn! Yes, this is always a challenge. There are some workarounds we could employ, as you mention, but these often do not solve the real problem. We think the right approach is to face it head on. Our immediate focus is upon generating a small but active network of users in Scandinavia & the UK & Irl, smaller markets but comparatively easier to penetrate and gain traction given their relatively close knit nature. Essentially it comes down to enough of your friends having heyyo before it becomes really fun to use, and word of mouth spreads far faster in smaller close knit communities.