A video gallery for mobile onboarding design inspiration

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Thanks, Sagi, for hunting us! Hi All, I’m Shai, the Co-Founder of http://www.elasticode.com We’re happy to share our side project - HeyUser. HeyUser is a video gallery where app developers, marketers, and product managers can find and share mobile onboarding inspiration. After working with dozens of app publishers, one of the most common questions we faced was: “How do we make the user stick around after that dreaded first session?”. Not at all surprising when you consider an average drop-off of 25% and an ±80% abandonment rate by within the first three days after install. That’s where an excellent introduction product might help. We’ve seen more than one abandonment scenario in which the cause was clearly user frustration and/or confusion when first interacting with the app. We’ve decided to curate hundreds of onboarding experiences to learn from, and educate ourselves on the different strategies they deployed. We’ve seen many different approaches, from simple walkthroughs to a complete registration wizard. Our first try was a screenshot timelapse, but it felt wrong and wasn’t enough when we tried to tell the actual story. So we moved to video, and we’re excited to share it with you. We’ve uploaded the first 100 videos to start with, divided the apps into different categories and finally added different tags, indicating what can be found in each first-time user experience. All videos are shareable, for you to use in your team’s internal discussions regarding the ways to optimize this process. HeyUser was built for the mobile community, and we would love nothing more than to hear from you, so we can make it better with your feedback. Don’t hold back. BTW, if you have an onboarding process you think is worth sharing and we missed it - feel free to ping us at heyuser@elasticode.com, and we’ll be happy to review and share.
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@wolkomir @elasticode Totally need this --- thanks and looks awesome
@wolkomir @elasticode What a great concept and well executed!
Awesome collection! We have built Code-less solution to built InApp Mobile Onboarding,Guided Walkthroughs, Contextual self-help, Overlays, Modals & Helpcenter. Stop not with these inspirations implement right in your App (Android or iOS) without CODING. Give http://appunfold.com a try, the only platform to do it seamlessly for native mobile apps.
We actually got a live demo of this a few weeks ago. Very impressive when you're looking at probably the single most important stage of your apps acquisition, the onboarding. Most of us lose the majority of our users there because we don't get it. HeyUser can really help do a way better job there and retain more acquired users.
@olivier_amar Thanks! We're glad you liked it. Hopefully this will help the mobile community find better ways to welcome new users.
Great idea @wolkomir! Onboarding is a main challenge for many startups, look forward to exploring HeyUser in person.
@dvirreznik Thanks! It's a huge challenge, We all have a lot to learn here! The First step was to understand & Curate what everybody is doing in this space, and just make it accessible to all of us
@wolkomir: Is it correct that there are no video controls? I'd want to pause, go back a little, etc
@koppelaar Yep, Right, Thanks for the feedback, we struggled with that UX wise, you feel its imperative? ( the video is running in a loop )
@wolkomir Well yes, because when I see something I like I want to see it again. I might be looking for specific aspects etc. At least on hover the controls should be visible I recon.
@koppelaar @wolkomir 2nd what Sander says. I want the ability to scrub. Think about voicemail before 'visual voicemail'. If you missed the person reciting their phone number, you'd have to listen to the whole thing again. Also, scrubbing would let me see animations in slow-mo, which is good for learning how the designer directs your attention during transitions and whatnot. All in all, though, great site!
@walkerdavide @koppelaar, Hey people, made some adjustments. On the main list you can see a timeline for you to control, and on the internal page you can do that + I've stopped the autoplay ( now it's in your control ). Love to know if this experience helps