HeyTaco! 2

Bring your team together with our unique kindness currency.

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Hi there Hunters, It’s been a little over a year since we launched HeyTaco! on Product Hunt. We learned a lot, ate a few too many tacos, gained a few pounds, and are excited to announce HeyTaco! 2. HeyTaco! 2 is a faster, sleeker, and more delicious taco experience. Our latest version is all about bringing your team closer together, and to do so we’ve added a few new things and improved upon what people already loved about HeyTaco! I'd list out all the details here, but our website does a lot better job explaining than I can. Please give HeyTaco! 2 a look, we even have a special offer waiting for all of you Product Hunters at the site. Have a great day, Doug
Whats the big update here? Taco to us about them 🌮 🤗
@bentossell Hi Ben! We have several updates, lettuce share and taco about the updates! -Gift giving: When a 🌮 won't do, you can give people gifts you've unlocked like BACON 😍. -Activity: Go here to reveal all the great things happening on your team -Taco Reports: weekly reports about you and your team's taco trends -New leaderboards: see top givers & receivers plus new filters or turn-off competition mode -Login w/ Slack: no more passwords or account creation and a simple new onboarding flow -New paint job: we think the new web UI looks real nice
@bosblake @bentossell hey blake - sounds great- but is there no free option anymore? :O
@bosblake @bentossell Ok I searched hard for it and cannot find it. It is totally ok if you guys decide to charge 2,50 per User a month - but not telling it despite people asking for the biggest change feels really bad for me. Im a little antagonized and probably out!
@inboundbear Hi Philipp, we're trying out a new business model with HeyTaco! 2 where there's only a free trial. The Freemium model was good at bringing a lot of people in, but we weren't happy with how it was incentivizing product development and other longer term implications. With our old pricing model people were paying us to create rewards, which creates an incentive for us to get our customers to spend as much money on rewards as possible. So HeyTaco! was incentivized to reward people instead of bringing them together. This is common with many players in our space and why you see a big emphasis on things like gift cards or monetary rewards with our competitors. You also see a growing trend in people charging for features like performance evaluation. Something HeyTaco! isn't meant to do and can conflict with bringing teams together. Our hope is the new business model encourages us to focus on product areas that are most important to bringing teams together on a daily basis. Like improving taco giving mechanics, ways to show bigger gestures of appreciation, celebrating, etc... Feel free to share any thoughts you have, this is our first go at free-trial only and are looking for any advice we can get.
@bosblake I remember the shitstorm when Tinder gave out an update which lead to users having to pay. The problem is / was: no communication about the new business model. Upgrading means for me: 30 days trial and than paying per user. Its easy to oversee - hence I recognized some intentions. What happens when I stay with heytaco 1? will it be out of service soon?
Nice work! 🌮🌮🌮
Sounds Tacolicious!
Amazing guys! Hey Taco definitely fits on Welearn's culture core values. We'll give a try and I'm sure that it gonna be very fun. Congrats and keep rocking!
@rodrigoprior thanks Rodrigo! Please let us know if you have any questions as you get started. Happy to help! You can reach us anytime at hola@heytaco.chat.