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I actually just used it yesterday. A bit of a slow response, it would be great if you could hear back in under an hour.
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the turnaround time between the app and the pharmacy is incredible. Access to the female Condom prescription services is game changing for women




Hard to find

I never write reviews but the experience using HeyDoctor was so smooth and saved me hours. I will absolutely use again if I am in need. Professional, efficient, safe. Keep it up!





It sound great! I'm sure such an app will help many people. Personally I'm very suspicious about taking unknown medications, so I always read the info about them on www.canadadrugsdirect.com. So, I think, HeyDoctor will be very helpful for me if needed. I will use it for sure!
Outstanding service! Very responsive and actually exchanged questions and information about my personal concerns. Provided valuable insight on additional things I could do to improve my care, while sending a script in less than 1 hour. The only hiccup is the website can crash occasionally but your existing visit is saved for return.