Place eggs in AR and leave a secret inside 🐣

Heya lets you place eggs in AR and leave a secret inside. In a similar fashion to an Easter egg hunt, users then go to different locations to find these eggs and to reveal their secrets.

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Hello Product Hunt 👋🏻 Thank you for offering us the opportunity to present our project more in depth. The idea behind Heya was to provide a new mean of communicating through virtual objects placed in a real world environment. A user goes to a certain location and places a virtual object, here in essence an egg, and leaves a secret message inside 🤫 Another user goes to that same location, opens the egg, sees what’s inside, smiles and leaves another message inside. In fact, every user who has been at the location and who has opened that egg are now connected through a chat. So far what can be placed inside an egg is a textual message or a photo, but we have plans to expand the list with short videos and collectibles 👾 As you can imagine the use of Heya is still very much open ended. In fact, the whole idea should be more thought out as a social artsy experiment. However, some immediate use should come to mind such as organizing treasure hunts, fortune cookies, rewarding users who are at a given location with coupons or gift cards 🏆, leaving a real physical object to find at the location like in geocaching, surprise your friends 🎁 and more ... Our inspiration was of course Pokémon Go, although the preliminary idea was first sketched out on a napkin some time beforehand. Enjoy!
@alexk Another interesting concept today, I really love the fact that how personalised this could be and how amazing it could be made when its backed and scaled in a gamified way. Super psyched and intrigued by this.
@alexk interesting .... why the phone number login? What happens with the data?
@stephan_kardos we use FB Account Kit for login so that you can recover your account in case of re-installs or installs on a new device. So phone numbers are handled by FB and not stored on our servers.
@stephan_kardos @alexk you could use the recent otp auto pick option in ios12
like the concept 😃
Hey @alexk & @chrisscholly Can you tell us more about what you've created here? What was your inspiration?
Hello @jacqvon thank you for the interest. I have just responded in the main thread ☺️
Love the concept! Any plans to have an android version?
@linister thank you the interest. We’re planning an Android version fairly soon. So please stay tuned ☺️
Disrupting Easter. Holidays, beware 😉