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hey there believes friends are more powerful matchmakers than algorithms. We are the first dating app where you can "buddy up" with your friends. We also are the first app taking on all the pervs, scammers, and fakes with our social verification process. "hey there" is designed for REAL people seeking REAL Long Term Love!

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I trust my friends more than technology!


Nothing bad to say. Recommend everyone "go for it"!

What’s the difference between Hey There & other dating apps?
@sneehaatweets Thank you for responding. Our app lets you search out profiles with friends. Think of it like going on Tinder or any other site and being able to pick out some matches, write your comments about them and ship them off to your friend. Like a matchmaker or wingman. Plus you can get advice from your friends about a candidate. It is actually really cool. Plus when you buddy up with friends you get a badge that says you are socially verified.
@kevintrainor11 cool app! Like the idea of getting socially verified by a friend 😄
@sneehaatweets Thank you so much for the kind words. Hoping we can make a difference in a tough industry.
I don't think this is the first dating app to offer verified profiles. In fact, I'm quite sure of it (i.e. Zoosk, Badoo). It seems like a bad sign that an app that prides itself on verifying authenticity and truthiness itself is misleading about its claims.
@chrismessina Not being dishonest. Not making claims I can't back up. You are right Badoo and others like Bumble also do some form of verification. However, as mentioned in my statement - we are the first that I know of to do "social verification" which means that a friend needs to validate you are real on our app. I do not know of any other site that has the same system of verification we have. That is why I will stand by my statement above: "We also are the first app taking on all the pervs, scammers, and fakes with our social verification process." If you know of another app that is doing the same exact thing as us please let me know and I will correct. If not I would appreciate the same courtesy in amending your above statement calling me dishonest.
@kevintrainor11 I wasn't specifically calling you dishonest, but I will amend my post to say "misleading" instead of dishonest. Dishonesty implies an intent to lie, and I don't know if that's true or not. But I do think that, even with "social verification", that doesn't really address the problems you mentioned. What's to stop "pervs, scammers, and fakes" from teaming up and socially validating each other? I mean, I support the effort to try to address those concerns — all dating apps have to address them one way or another or the value of and trust in the platform trends towards zero. I just prefer to know, clear-eyed, how likely a given approach will be given alternatives (i.e. you could charge people to participate (and maybe kill growth)).
@chrismessina I can understand your concern that my post may be misleading. However, let me just be clear, it is not my intent to be dishonest nor misleading in any way. If we are unable to accomplish our goal with the apps full utility in play then I will concur with your statement and amend immediately. In full candor it was never our intention to enter the dating space but we thought the concept of teaming up with your friends was more insightful than algorithmic matching. We just tried to marry (pun some what intended) friend matchmaking (most successful matchmaking experience to date) with online dating (the most popular platform for dating). We are in the process of adding a full suite of verification functionality that hopefully will lead to a significant reduction in malicious behaviors. In terms of charging people just to eliminate fakes and scammers is not a valid solution in our opinion. Who is to say fakes and scammers would be deterred from paying considering how lucrative the scam business is. This is not say we won't charge for an upgrade at some point. It is just a matter of making sure that paid upgrade has very clear benefit to our members. I do appreciate you taking the time to continue dialogue with me on this. Feedback in general, good or bad, is always appreciated. When feedback is taken seriously like we try to do it can make a product great! I hope you continue to provide your feedback and perhaps chat some time on a call. It is always great to connect with critical thinkers such as yourself. P.S. Thank you for your support in addressing how problematic online dating scams and fakes are within the industry. Finding love is not an exact science and challenging as is. Never mind having to navigate a mine field of the ill intended.
@kevintrainor11 cheers, thanks for engaging. Again, I appreciate your efforts and hope you're successful! It's a hard problem to solve, and no one thing is going to be bulletproof (trust me, I worked at Uber — the kinds of innovation I saw with people stealing Uber trips was impressive!). I wouldn't suggest that paid membership by itself will defeat scammers — but it's one tool among many to consider.