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#5 Product of the DayMay 16, 2019
A curated job board for marketers looking for both remote and in-office positions. Find your next great opportunity, get help landing the job, and level up your skills.
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Where are all the marketing jobs? I was talking to a founder of a SaaS company recently who was trying to figure out where to post their new job opening and realized that there isn't a central place for both remote and in-office marketing jobs. So I decided to build it myself! This is the first true product I've built myself and launched. As a marketer who's (slowly) learning to code, I decided to hack it together with no-code/low-code tools like: - Webflow - Typeform - Google Sheets - Zapier - Stripe For marketers: New jobs are posted daily, find the top resources for leveling up your career, and get jobs delivered straight to your inbox weekly. If you're hiring for a marketer: For a limited time, you can post a job and pay whatever you'd like! Pay $1, $50, or however much you'd like to put in my poicket! 😉
@corey_haines Good stuff Corey! I would like to see a filter for "part-time" or freelance roles. I think there are a lot of marketers out there (like me) who are interested in ongoing marketing roles at companies like these but have less than full-time capacity.
@geoffroberts definitely! As more part-time/contract come in, I’ll add that in!
@corey_haines Amazing work Corey - keep it up! Really pleased to see the launch of Hey Marketers and can't wait to see how it continues to evolve & grow...
@corey_haines Just posted a job - waiting for it to show up. Excited to try this new service
@mercedesbook_ Awesome! Thanks so much Mercedes :) It's live and been promoted to the email list and social media!
This is awesome! Corey is a great marketer who really knows his stuff.. It's amazing to have the jobs AND resources all in one place. PLUS --> filters that actually make sense for marketing/growth roles!
This looks amazing! Well done!
@mrabrams23 Kind words David!
@vladcalus Thank you! Much appreciated :)
Well Done Corey!
@smgrieser Appreciate it Stefanie!