Hey Girl

Turn every image on a webpage to Ryan Gosling

Hi, creator here! :) Thanks so much to everyone who likes Hey Girl. It's been a long time since I've thought about this and It makes me so happy to see it still makes people happy. :) I updated the bookmarklet today and added a bunch of all-new Gosling goodness in honor of being on Product Hunt. <3
@keccers haha! So awesome. Happy New Year, Katherine. 🎉
@keccers thanks for chiming in and updating it, Katherine! This gave me a lot of joy when I discovered it.
I stumbled across this little gem last week while doing some work research (don't ask...) and thought it was amazing. I have no affiliation to it, but love simple things like this that a) bring smiles and b) make the Internet more awesome.
@dohertyjf ahah! very funny indeed, I remember this from circa 2013, good catch. On a side note, It reminds me of this: http://www.surf-the-edge.com/201... But seen that it's not packaged as neatly as this extension, I won't post it :( (and it might not work as well because bootstrap probably moved on, I tried it on ProductHunt but didn't work on chrome because the CSS's URLs are in http [which rightfully won't load over https, although it should be easy to fix, I leave it for someone that is less time constricted ATM :) ] )
@joantune While the http/https thing does throw an error in Chrome, it ~should~ still work! This doesn't work in Product Hunt because Product Hunt loads images in a DIV using CSS with background-image, and the bookmarklet only finds and replaces img tags. You have to look super close, but all of the avatars, which ARE rendered using a straightfoward img tag become Goslings. :)
@keccers: I was referring to the Geocitify (see link to the post above)! I haven't tried the Hey Girl here, I'm not that much of a Gosling fan :D But I remember getting quite some laughs out of it when I tried it a long time ago. It's on my top ten 'oh internets, you did it again' list :D Sorry for the confusion.
This extension was last updated August 11, 2013. Definitely not a recent product.
Although it is an old product, but it is really fun!
This made my evening. Will be in heavy use through early 2016