Convert news articles to audio in 30+ languages

Convert news articles to audio in 30+ languages
️Aggregate news from major publications
️Save articles for later use—Create your own library
️Personalize your news— Only see news you care about
️Conveniently open/save web articles from our chrome extension
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This is pretty cool! Great tool for anyone who enjoys reading the news. I will be using this during my morning commute. Keep up the good work @usertwit2
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This is such a cool product, perfect for my commute! 👍👍
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Hello Hunters! Our first PH launch :) Hewizo is a podcasting for articles application that converts news and article URLs to audio in 30+ languages. It sounds more human-like than most text-to-speech applications that are available in the market. Hewizo also aggregates the latest news from major publications, cleans up ads, and lets you save them for later use. It allows personal customization of the latest news based on your preferred topics eliminating unnecessary clutter from your feed. The application syncs progress across multiple devices  so you can easily resume an article you started right where you left off. We are excited to finally share this on PH. We are always looking for feedback so please let us know what you think 😊
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Podcast for articles!! Surprisingly human like voice. Very impressive! Save articles using chrome extension, open on phone then listen. Love the simplicity👍🏾👍🏾
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What an amazing extension. I didn't know I needed it until I tried it. I love the simplicity of how you can add articles and you pick up where you left off.
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