Simple social workout logging

#5 Product of the DayNovember 16, 2019
Simple workout logging, insightful analytics, and a growing community of gym athletes.
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Actually been using Hevy since its almost very inception. The guys are putting tons of love into it and are great at listening users in order to improve their product. I think I've logged more than 100 workouts and have build my 5 weekly routines, which makes life much easier. I have to say - I wasn't one for logging and tracking things, but I love the ease of knowing what's next and comparing performance does help. Wouldn't post before / after pictures, but I definitely saw a lot of improvement since using it. Another thing I like is the ability to find exercise alternatives and new inspirations in the app. Keep up the good work guys, great things ahead! Maybe as a question for @desmondmc89 & @guillem_ros_salvador1 - any plans on creating / adding influencer-y sort of status for some users especially those whose routines have been copied a fair amount of times from other users?
Thanks for the love @himynameisivo! And really great idea! It’s definitely our plan to somehow promote “influencer” users at some point. Mainly as a way to help other users find inspiration from popular athletes that are making quality routines. Our community is still really small so at the moment so I’m not sure exactly how that will look but it’s definitely something we’re thinking about.
Hey there, I’m so excited to be sharing Hevy with Product Hunt today! Hevy is a free weight lifting workout tracker that lets you log your workouts, and track your progress. But that’s old news, there’s already several of workout trackers out there, so what makes Hevy a better solution? 💪 Intuitive workout logging interface 📈 Insightful workout analytics 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦 Community makes working out more fun 🔗 Save routines from your friends 🔒 Private or public profiles ✏️ Unlimited advanced routines 🎬 +250 exercise library with HQ videos 🏋️‍♂️ One Rep Max & other stats 🏆 Compare strength vs friends 🧘‍♀️ Clean decluttered design We brought all these concepts together in an intuitive interface that makes logging workouts and engaging with other athletes seamless. Today wouldn’t be possible without the feedback of the hundreds of athletes working out every week on Hevy. Thank you ❤️ Give Hevy a try in your next gym session and let me know what you think 💪I would love to hear everyone’s feedback and learn from you. Guillem Ps. If anyone’s interested, I wrote a post on the entire process of how we took Hevy from idea to launch, hope it’s informative :) https://medium.com/@guillemrossa...
@guillem_ros_salvador1 Would love to read the blog post :)
@michaelgunnulf Hey Michael, my bad! I assumed people would find it below the main listing, I should have added a URL! Here it is :) https://medium.com/@guillemrossa...
@guillemrossalvador @guillem_ros_salvador1 No idea why I didn't see that link haha 🤷‍♂️thanks!
I love how easy it is and how it pairs so well with my other health app like MyFitnessPal. I use those two together and I am see great results month on month. If you haven’t got it, I highly recommend getting the app and checking it out. It will blow you mind with how easy it is to track your gym progress.
Thanks @samuel_ilelaboye ! You've been killing it on Hevy recently, keep up the training 🏋️‍♂️
I have been using Hevy to track my daily morning workouts. Rather than keeping a paper journal I now log it with my phone. What made me switch is the ease of use of the app and the ability to copy workouts from other people. I highly recommend Hevy. It is one of the few apps I use on a regular basis.
Thanks @mali_buns! Glad you're enjoying the app :). I think pen and paper workout logging is our biggest competition 😅
Hevy has made it easier to track your progress, keep track of your sets during the workout, easy to switch up exercises or add new exercises mid-workout, I can see what my friends & others do and especially love the encouragement from others. Thank you for making my workouts more enjoyable. Keep up the awesome work!!
Really happy you’re enjoying Hevy @marife and I’m glad you mentioned the social features! We’re banking on the idea that the social features will keep people more motivated and make them more likely to meet their fitness goals.