AI based portrait depth effect for any iPhone

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#4 Product of the DayDecember 24, 2017

Heroshot is a new kind of smart camera app that enables you to take portrait "depth effect" photos with beautiful, blurred backgrounds automatically and instantly. Whether its a selfie or a portrait of a friend, HeroShot uses advanced AI and machine learning to give you the very best picture possible! Works for all devices on iOS 11


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    In app pic crop option.

    A very perfect app, don't change anything in it, don't add any filter or anything, this is just as beautiful minimalistic as much it is needed. Just do one thing in app crop option to resize it. Even if need to add any feature, make another app but keep this minimalistic clean as it is. Loved it.

    MS Conair has used this product for one week.


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M. Akif Petek@mapetek · Mobile - Web Developer
Look at those screenshots, shouldn't they show us the quality of the app? I'm not gonna waste my time trying it.
Max Fierro@elmasse · JavaScript Developer
It's incredible! It works amazingly well. Kudos for such a great (and free!!!) app.
Javi@ios_javi · Designer + Entrepreneur + Future PM
Not sure why location is needed....
Scott@scotty_mcq · Electrical Designer
It's not great. It's just a uniform background blur. Usually blurs my shirt too
Nick AbouzeidHiring@nickabouzeid · Ship & Growth at Product Hunt ⛵
The coolness of this is underappreciated IMO. Downloading now, excited to test it out on my dad's iPhone 7. I'm surprised Apple hasn't attempted to release this for older iPhones yet 🤔
Pietz Prove@gopietz · Media Computer Science Student
@nickabouzeid are you honestly surprised by this? ;)
Arjun Paliath@torchaj · Freshchat @Freshworks
TBH apple will always up sell their products @nickabouzeid. So if you want one with Portrait mode they will always ask you to upgrade to the plus models or the iPhone X.