⚡ HEROES helps social media Influencers send direct messages to their followers through Facebook Messenger.

From simple text to voice and videos, it's now easy to broadcast interactive personal messages to your audience at scale.

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Hey Product Hunters, it's Emanuele from ⚡HEROES, I'm excited to be here and launch our first product today! ⚡HEROES allows social media Influencers to engage their audiences with direct messages on Facebook Messenger. Think of it as a parallel channel alongside Instagram or Youtube, but entirely chat-based, where Influencers can directly broadcast content to their follower's Messenger, be it a private video or a voice message. Influencers are able to schedule their broadcasts and even segment their audience, and we are working to create richer and more interactive experiences both for them and for their users. We believe that messaging apps are going to be the next channel for audience engagement and in particular for the influencer marketing space. Happy to answer any question here or at emanuele@heroes.ai Thank you! Emanuele
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Facebook Messenger is the strongest influencer channel right now (extremely engaged users, private messaging, rich media like audio, video up to immersive VR gaming within web views is possible, huge potential for personalized messages, …). Yet almost no one is using Messenger effectively yet. I expect this to change now with ⚡️ HEROES. Great job @immanuelkapa with the product, already went a long way, product development pace is impressive.
@__tosh Thank you so much, hopefully product development will get better and better thanks to user feedback!

heroes for messenger is super easy to access, I dont need to build a habit for a new app / website to enter. I can handle the bot just through messenger. Great Work!


super easy to setup & intuitiv


haven't found one for now

@immanuelkapa This is big, if viewers start subscribing via Messenger to watch their fave influencers YouTube should be worried... 👀
@abadesi we plan on integrating features for specific categories like YouTubers in the next releases 💪
Wow, really well made. It's super easy to set up and self explanatory. I especially like the Analytics section, it gives valuable insights. And the best thing is, everything works right in Messenger 👏
@_bernhard Thanks Bernhard, really appreciated! 🙏