While the Hendo hoverboard is primarily intended to be human-driven, the technology that gives it stability can also be used to drive it via remote control by altering the projected force on the surface underneath it. Right now we use commonly available metals in simple sheets to give the hoverboard “flight”, but we are working on new compounds and new configurations to maximize our technology and minimize costs.

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I mean damn, this is the future, these guys are doing it. The hoverboard itself is $10K when backing this project. This is obviously way (waaaay) early, but check out the Verge's article and video on these guys, pretty amazing stuff. For $299+ you can back this project and receive the "Whitebox", which is a levitating box (obviously), that you can move around. I know this project is in an early stage but I'm really curious about what the PH community thinks! (next to drooling on the floor) I MEAN LOOK AT THIS
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@bramk The product looks amazing! ...the problem is that I've seen so many of these amazing looking products on Kickstarter that never actually come in to existence. There's a huge barrier to entry here in terms of price and it's impossible to know if this will ever actually launch. Hover boards aren't a new idea that is mind blowing and a must-have. It's an old idea that just hasn't actually been executed and at the risk of sounding old fashioned I just don't see how it's even an improvement over a skateboard. It looks cool, though, so good luck to them.
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@bramk Yeah it looks quite cool but the object appears to be extremely light and it only works on metal surfaces.
@maxwood true, but I'll ride around something like this though:
@bramk Yeah but that's *if* the skatepark ever gets built - which won't be any time soon. Not forgetting that it'll only be one location and probably cost a fortune to make with all the special surfaces required. Edit: That being said - I'm more interested in other uses for this rather than a hoverboard.
@bramk but how do you maneuver this thing... slides but how do you steer it?!
Wow! I've seen a few hoaxes but the engadget video convinced me http://www.engadget.com/2014/10/... For those curious about how it works, it seems to be about permanent rare-earth magnets that rotate. No idea how the science works, but if you want the nitty gritty I dug up the patent: https://www.google.com/patents/U... Pretty excited to be the first backer for the Whitebox+. $699 & another $100 to ship to Australia, but seems pretty 'worth it' as far as I am concerned. This seems a bit like being one of the first to get an Occulus Rift or Google Glass. There's a whole range of applications beyond the simple hoverboard, and there's sure to be a great community popping up around this. Of course, that's all IF it's as awesome as they say
I actually built a hoverboard in the same method that they're now using almost 4 years ago. My original concept was basically a disc of neodymium magnets, spinning over an electrically conductive plate (copper) and with enough movement and applying Lenz's law, the eddy currents induce the vertical lift. You just need motors with enough torque to keep the magnets moving fast enough. Here's a video I post in 2011 of my prototype:
@dzuy Oh wow, yes, that does seem to be how they're doing it. You had the same concept 4 years back... what stopped you going forward with it?
@rossdcurrie it's a nice fantasy but I couldn't see how it becomes commercially viable. Having to always be limited to some sort of platform is a deal breaker for it being useful and in most imaginable use cases, it's hard to beat the simple and much cheaper wheel. I do think it can be a novel toy of some sort though - maybe RC hoverboards on a racetrack or something of that nature and if these guys hit the timeline right (corresponding to Back to the Future), they can probably sell a bunch of toys to a lot of fans.
Looks magical but it works on Metal only...
@jberrebi When I get my hoverboard, I'm going to start a social crowdfunding campaign to coat our local council's sidwalks and bike paths with an appropriately conductive material. It'll be like solar streets but better. "Hoverboard" makes headlines, but I'm pretty sure a council supporting that missionwill make headlines too, particularly since mine is in the process of renaming itself South Park - "South Park to be the first city in the world to have hoverboard sidewalks". Yeah, that'll work. (South Park article: http://www.watoday.com.au/wa-new...)
Not to mention, there's only 10 available at 10k. You could buy one of these babies, charge $200 a ride and make your money back in no time.