Quickly craft clean, responsive emails.

HEML is an open source markup language for building responsive email. It gives you the native power of HTML without having to deal with all of the email quirks. HEML makes building emails as easy as building websites.

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Hey Product Hunters! I’m the creator of HEML! I'm super psyched to share this with everyone! HEML is framework for building responsive emails. The goal is to remove the pain of building emails, so you can focus on creating something awesome! You can give it a try on the website: heml.io/editor Any and all feedback is welcome! Let me know if you hit any bumps using it 💌
@avi_goldman This sounds nifty. I can use this for something I was planning to do in next 2-3 days, so this is timely! Question: Can you include some information on what can we expect when we use the markup generated from the editor? For what e-mail clients does it ensure a good responsive view (e.g. Gmail web, Gmail app, Outlook?)
@avi_goldman @dotmanish Indeed. What about mobile native email clients? Not all support HTML!
@hakosam I'm aware that several of them have their "quirks", but are there popular mobile clients in existence that don't support HTML at all? Anything with more than 1000 regular users?
@hakosam @dotmanish Yeah, if the client itself doesn't support HTML or the viewer disables HTML then there is not much we can do there 😕 I do have a "plaintext" renderer on the roadmap that will build a txt file with the same contents. 😀 In the meantime please be sure to send a plaintext version of all your emails along with your HTML version!
@dotmanish I've done testing around the main email clients and you should see really solid support, at the very least, in the top ten clients out there (https://emailclientmarketshare.com/). I was getting what I expected for most of the clients I tested with on Email on Acid. Definitely work to do here though. I'm gonna automate snapshot tests, possibly automate with EoA, and write up some docs about the exact client support! You can follow that progress on Github: https://github.com/SparkPost/hem...
This tool is fantastic! I was banging my head against the wall just the other day trying to get an email to look correct in, wait for it... Outlook 2016! Most of the wysiwyg tools out there for email, don't actually format it correctly. I'm glad I can write in plain old HTML and CSS and have it all transformed into tables and inline styles. If there's ever a premium version, I'd gladly have my company pay for this tool.
This is awesome. I hate coding emails in general, I have tried other frameworks like this in the past, but this is by far the simplest of all the ones I have seen. I especially like the readability of it and its clean structure. Can I just give you a MASSIVE HUG for including an NPM build package with this!?!? By far the best feature is to be able to compile and build from the terminal without needing to copy and paste into the online template builder like most other email frameworks require.
@_jacurtis Thanks!! 🤗 So glad that this is helping! Plenty of cool features to build too, so any and all help is welcome 😜 I'm gonna start file some issues on the repo so we can all be on that same page there. https://github.com/SparkPost/heml
Awesome stuff :) Been thinking about the problem of coding beautiful custom emails, and this is perfect timing.
Would love to see a Atom plugin for this. Both syntax and conversion.
@eivindml Great idea! I'll throw that on the roadmap. If you have any interest in helping with that, you know where to find me 😉