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#1 Product of the DayMay 09, 2016 is the easiest way to make a Knowledge Base or Support Center for your customers that's beautiful, mobile-friendly, and searchable so your customers can find answers fast. Our FAQ sites are responsive, easy to customize, looks good out of the box, and even supports custom domains on our Free plan.

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Hey PH, Founder here! I started because I was tired of choosing between always reinventing the wheel when it came to building out a support center website manually, or having to use a bulky tool like Zendesk that focuses on a million different features, when all I care about is the hosted knowledge base software. A few nice things: - Really fast search, powered by @algolia - An intelligent contact form that auto-suggests articles - A generous free plan which even supports custom domains (via CNAME). I'd love to hear feedback and would be happy to answer any questions!
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@richardlovesfaq @algolia Hey, this is really awesome. I've invested a lot of time on our help desk, and had a couple of questions/feature requests: * Are you planning to add e-mail validation to the contact form? A lot of people mis-type their e-mail on ours and we can't contact them (something like a domain validator, plus a message that says to look for a confirmation e-mail to the user). I'm sure the customer could build it themselves, but it's pretty much a universal problem so may be easier for you guys to do once, and do right. * Do you have voting buttons? These help us know if we should work on an article * Can you have the option to host on a subdirectory or subdomain? Some people prefer subdirectory for SEO (zendesk has /hc by default) * Also pricing is pretty great. Out of curiosity, why did you decide to charge on the number of articles instead of traffic? * I think an iOS SDK that renders the content in the app/has instant search and even caches would be really helpful. Great job and keep up the great work! It looks awesome!
@richardlovesfaq How well does this play with chat options, and support tiering. Like the site! A previous company I was at struggled with this, so I foresee a lot of people benefitting from it!
@rahulda1 Thanks! Email validator -- great idea. Hadn't thought of this yet but it makes perfect sense in our quest to have the world's best contact form. Voting buttons -- definitely planned, along with analytics/stats of articles. Subdirectory -- not likely since mixing content with other content on the same domain, while possible using iframes or javascript, can actually harm SEO. We *do* support you using your own subdomain though (e.g. Pricing -- articles just seemed like a natural fit for putting a limit on the free plan. Simple projects that have no budget likely don't have as big of a need for tons of articles. Traffic seems too scary / hard to trust / issues around if you count bots, etc. iOS -- great idea. One day :)
@richardlovesfaq @algolia Thanks. We just wanted to add a FAQ to our website and now we have a very simple, good looking one and team members can work simultaneously. *thumbsup*
@hellosmoore Since we allow you to use custom HTML, you can easily drop in any chat widget tool (olark, zopim, livechat, etc)
Very simple and useful, I recommend! ☺
Really good product. The free version is sufficient for most businesses.
I managed to create a working knowledge base in minutes with exact simplicity I expected. What I like about this tool the most - is it's clean from all the features you don't need (all kind of agent related help desk). All I needed is to make some product tutorials be visible online. Some minuses: - can't link help articles within internal KW structure (you can provide a direct link, which u get by opening each article directly) - no way to set a basic branding (like logo) in a free plan. But developers said it's coming. Good thing is- the developer is very supportive and kindly responds to any email. I had a non-typical situation with redirects/cname/SSL and developer put a lot of analysis and time to deliver an appropriate solution. It is worth saying - I was in a free tier, so I didn't expect much :) But I did receive the best help I could get. Overall, it is a tool with a great potential. I keep my fingers crossed. Good luck!
wow, this is a nice little tool and incredibly smooth and fast - was playing with your own help section! nice work and nice first release