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It's a simple as Gmail for teams and we have a flat fee to include your whole team without worrying about agent fee. We believe having your whole team to do support will improve your support and team morale.
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Thanks a lot, Kevin for hunting us. HelpNinja was created with the focus to enable teams to do support as a whole without worry about agent-based pricing. The goal is to keep it simple like Gmail and also affordable for all the teams to try. HelpNinja has all the needed features for providing great support starting from our free plan Satisfaction Rating - Collect feedback on how good is your support. Customizable - You can customize the doc design with custom CSS and white-label your knowledge base domain as well Agent collision - When bringing your whole team on board you may stamp on each other foot. Agent collision helps in handling that. Workflow automation - Automate your conversations based on certain text or an email address. If you had to compare these features are provided only on the top plan with many providers. You can take a spin with your whole team for free with all the above features :) We are offering a 20% discount for the first month for all Product Hunt community users. Product Hunt is a great inspiration to us. Kindly use PHLOVE during the upgrade. I will be here to answer all questions.
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Highly recommend this software as it has helped our companies tremendously. Great user interface and the best support. I also love that they are always innovating and adding something new!
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@benjamin_devries Thanks you Benjamin
This is a very useful application built a by a team with good track record. Many popular ticketing systems are very expensive. I thank this team for building something that everyone can afford. Wish you all good luck in this public launch :)
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David and his team are amazing. Keep up the great work.
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@billebert Thanks a lot Big B! You have played a huge role in my growth.
I got on board with these guys early on - like when they first started out. I dig this team and I dig their product. It's not overly-sophisticated or complex. It just does what you need it to do and it does it well. For most companies, this the only thing they need (or soon will need) in their support stack. The team releases regular updates and is really receptive to customer feedback. Easily one of my favorite SaaS products.
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@patrickhealy Thanks a lot for all the feedback Patrick. You rock!
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