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We use Helpman at and the tool is awesome! We run our support on Intercom and they don't have anything for the Knowledge Base. We specialy love the analytics and the screenshots manager that saves us a lot time everytime we change something in our product interface. Check our KB here:
Helpman resolves a few pain points for Customer Support teams, like updating screenshots on-the-fly or checking what users are searching for. The team is focused on providing value to Intercom customers, as a knowledge base would reduce the number of incoming requests. They are celebrating Product Hunt 3rd birthday with a solid discount, check it out!
@dessaigne Thanks Nicolas for hunting us! I'm very excited to introduce Helpman to you hunters. Helpman is a great companion to Intercom. With an up-to-date knowledge base, Customer Support teams reduce the flow of messages and can focus on the most important ones. Our goal is to make the knowledge base management as easy as possible. For visitors, the Algolia-powered typo-tolerant search form is a killer feature. Confused users will definitely love it. We hope you like it! Tell us what you think of the app and I will be very happy to reply to any comments and questions 😁
Isn't Intercom planning their own help center? That being said, this looks great.
@joshdance Might be. I'm really interested in hunters feedback about going this way if Intercom is planning to release a knowledge base product. Would you pivot or persevere? πŸ€”
@joshdance Intercom launched Educate. On my side, I dropped the "Missing knowledge base for Intercom" tagline on the website ;)