Help Main Street

Buy gift cards to support local business during COVID-19

This product is awesome because buying a giftcard from your favorite restaurant is a win/win. It is essentially the best "no interest" loan since they can use the money now in times of dire need, and you can revisit later.
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Do these local businesses need to already offer gift cards? Or can you assist them in offering gift cards, even if they don't support them today?
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@william_laufer for now they have to have giftcard. Some members are working on a v2.
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@nabeeleats awesome! let me know if we can help– I run a small startup and our employees are eager to contribute to solutions like this!
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@william_laufer I know Kabbage built a product to help merchants offer gift cards if they don't already:
Excellent work! Great to see this created in such short time frame!
Would be awesome if opened up to more than just restaurants?