Conversational, multi-passenger, multi-city itineraries

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What I find so interesting about this is the partnership with AmEx... AmEx customers are already used to having access to a personal concierge... HelloGbye seems to be providing the digital equivalent. I wonder how this stacks up against Pana.
@chrismessina finally! AMEX conceirge needs this to keep up with the other digital platforms like Pana and Lola. It was taking longer to make reservations over the phone, especially with other people on the itinerary. Hope they bring it to business travel too, because that web interface is even worse.
I saw this earlier on the app store today and added it to my notes (I don't fly much, but when I start I really want to use this app). The concept of making travel smarter is super appealing. Besides the fact that traveling at times can end up pretty messy if gone wrong, I love seeing intelligent app designs that make use of the full powers of a device, rather than just text input. Too many apps today are glorified reminders. This is a refreshingly different app.
I want to try this. However the onboarding experience is really lengthy and asking questions that are more suited once someone uses the app to see what it offers. Getting all the info upfront is different to creating an account - for apps like this where user may or may not use it based on what it offers, I would suggest first to gauge interests than creating the account showing the value of the app and then lead the user on creating the profile.
@chakkaradeep I think this is the problem with any concierge service. In order for it to really work, it needs to know quite a bit about you to be effective.
@chrismessina No arguments there. I was hoping they could collect few interests than creating the account first which can be used to show the info and then the user can decide whether to create an account or not with the service. Else, its like every user trying out the app, regardless of whether they like it or not will have an account with this service.
@chakkaradeep I agree. I was off put by the effort I need to put in just to see if I would even find the app useful or not.
fantastic video.
Tried to book a ticket with it. The first option was 20 hours layover for a European flight. Couldn't make the app sort the result by travel time, not $$. Seems like some basic functionality is missing.