A no lines, no extra fees, no bullshit car rental (SFO only)

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Got an email from the founder. ProductHunters can use this link - https://www.hellocar.co/invites/... - to sign up immediately, without approval! Boom.
This looks really clean. Would be interested to see how they're handling distribution vs the incumbents.
good question @ReubenMetcalfe, will see if we can get someone from their team on to answer that. I would think that there are more experience-type things to focus on in beta then distribution. The whole product seems geared around simplicity - not worrying about where to pick the car up, what kind of car you'll get, what the charges are, etc. Get that right first (while in SFO) and figure out distribution after.
I used HelloCar recently. It was--by far--the best rental car experience I've ever had.
The access code above is no longer valid. @AnthonyMarnell, any chance the founder would offer a new one?