Hello Web App

Learn how to build a web app with Python and Django

#5 Product of the DayJuly 04, 2018

Design and build your own custom web app using Python 3.7 and Django 2.0. Tailored for non-programmers, written by a designer.

Hello Web App originally launched in 2015 on Kickstarter, raising over $13,000 and has been updated for 2018 and is now bundled together with the followup book, Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts for twice the info.

  • Hazim Sami
    Hazim SamiMaker at heart :)

    A simple, informative way of getting started with Django. You won't be able to stop thinking of new ways of using your new found powers :)


    The book does come to an end :(

    I do highly recommend this book for getting started with Django. You do need a basic foundation in Python if you are to get the most out of this book. Tracy does provide lots of very helpful tips and a free zine on command line basics (very useful). Everything here is well thought off and refined.

    The fun doesn't just stop here, you can even take your knowledge further with "Hello Web Design".

    I can't wait to see what's next from Tracy.

    Hazim Sami has used this product for one year.
  • Neeldhara
    NeeldharaAssistant Professor, IIT Gandhinagar

    Very approachable, up to date, and the generic project that is the backdrop of the book can be adapted to many situations.



    I used this book to prepare for a Django tutorial that I was supposed to deliver on a short notice at a local Python workshop for schoolteachers. It helped me get up to speed fairly quickly - and was great fun to follow along with! The online community and Tracy herself are most encouraging and provide a supportive environment for learners, especially beginners :)

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Hey everyone, I'm super excited to relaunch Hello Web App on Product Hunt today! I originally launched it in 2015 — the books now have been updated for 2018 technologies (Django 2.0 and Python 3.7) and now Hello Web App books are bundled together. I love Python since I find it easy to read and understand as someone who has an Art degree. Django (a Python framework) makes it super easy to build web apps, with integrated admin panel (so you can update your customer's info without having to log into the database via the command line), registration and user tools, and more. I used Django to learn how to code and launch my startup in 2010 and I want to help others do the same. I also hate most programming tutorials, and wrote these books and courses to do them better. No weird jargon or assumptions — Hello Web App helps you create a unique idea, and walks you through building the website and setting up your HTML and CSS, adding your database, making it awesome, and launching on Heroku in just 144 pages. Hello Web App: Intermediate Concepts covers more advanced topics like adding Stripe integration, why and how to work with multiple models, how to add an API, and more. My goal was to build a full course that can help any new (or experienced) programmer launch a web app using Python and Django in a matter of days. Happy to answer any questions anyone has! 💪
Oh hey, why not a coupon for y'all? Use PHTHANKS when ordering for 20% off. 🎉 This actually applies for ALL my books so you can use it on Hello Web Design or the combo package too.
@limedaring love this! can't find how to get the combo package (web design + web app), help!
@jijosunny Ah oh no! You can order it here: http://hellowebbooks.com/order/ <3
Back in the Kinsights days, we helped sponsor the original version, and even found it to be a valuable tool for onboarding non- and semi-technical members of the team, like PMs or interns. It was useful and well-written enough that our devs were eager to pick up a copy of Tracy's Hello Web Design and level up their design understanding. In a Python 3 and Django 2 world, it's great to see this update!
@mjacksonw Aw, thank you again for sponsoring the book! The Kinsights link is still in the book, figured it was good to keep since it redirects to care.com. It was my first big sponsorship and was such a good sign for Hello Web App in my early days of publishing. Thank you thank you thank you. :D
This deserves a lot more attention and support. I just ordered the complete package and look forward to developing with Django. 💪
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I think Django 2.0 was released about a few months ago, and the python.org website should be migrated to it. The main challenge is nothing but switching to the new URL dispatcher. More details of website development.. https://www.yarddiant.com/wordpr...