Hello Money

Design your own portfolio from 24,000+ funds and stocks

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We built Hello Money to answer a simple question: Can we build portfolios like LEGOs? What if we can see all the stocks and funds in the market and tinker with them? Investing shouldn't be such a black box after all. This is the first release of Hello Money, and we have exciting things planned for the future: How LGBT-friendly is your portfolio? Which funds have lower risk and higher green score than yours? Please tinker with it and share any feedback. Happy to discuss and answer your questions.
@keywonc Very cool, Keywon. Love the LEGO analogy! Looking forward to using it
@zackshapiro Thanks for trying it out! We initially released with funds only, and just added first set of stocks. There are 2,000+ of them now, with a focus on big companies and tech stocks. We're adding more every day. We'll put Product Hunter's requested stocks on top of our list.
Very cool idea. I just wish there was a little more explaining on some of the more technical aspects of this. I love the idea of legos but if i was someone new to investment I would be quite confused.
@johnnyquachy Agree. I was confused by how to properly weight the stocks in my portfolio. I know it's easy to edit and fix but I don't want to make a mistake. A tutorial there might be nice
@johnnyquachy Your point resonates with me as a designer trying to solve investing tool UX. Instead of flooding it with mouse-over behaviors or "?" icons. it'd be great to help users discover and learn the concepts (risk for example) as they use this tool. A suggestion we got is to enable commenting on parts of the page a la Medium -- quick and dirty mockup below. If we can provide good basics, and have users help each other, it might go a long way.
@zackshapiro I was a big fan of Pulse's overlay tutorial for their app. http://www.lukew.com/ff/entry.as... It'll be a fun design challenge to put users in a tinkering mindset as they get started.
Awesome product. Using now and loving it.
@AddisonHuddy Happy to be of service :) Let us know anytime you have suggestions or crits.
interesting idea and tool. thanks for sharing
@raminbehzadi I was just checking out denote.io -- search is one of the top items we want to improve. Thanks for sharing it!
@keywonc thanks for taking a look. will be glad to offer more details and a demo if you like. you can reach me at ramin@denote.io
A lot of common stocks are missing. Almost 1/5 my portfolio in terms of individual companies not holdings. Curious as to how you are pulling that stock data and why you couldn't you start out with a massive list of common stocks?
@jpatil Glad you asked. We can't use stocks data straight from many "free" & paid sources (Yahoo and Morningstar for example) as-is because they contain surprising number of errors about stock splits, dividends, etc. Here's a Morningstar chart of RVBD in 2010: It may look like the stock crashed for no reason, but in fact there was a 2:1 stock split. If you take Morningstar's data as-is, there will be huge errors on your site. We're adding stocks gradually because we have to cross-check the price histories from multiple sources and clear them in small batches. It's a huge learning process for us too, but we're aiming to set a high bar for our data integrity. If you have specific stocks in mind, please let me know. We'll prioritize Product Hunters' requests.