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@keywonc · Design founder, Hello Money
@cinziapinamonti Hi there! With current MVP, you can design portfolios with 30,000+ stocks and funds available in the U.S. so that you can see how it would have performed, and tweak it to your liking. Let me know if you have any other specific question. More updates to the service coming soon :)
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@keywonc · Design founder, Hello Money
We built Hello Money to answer a simple question: Can we build portfolios like LEGOs? What if we can see all the stocks and funds in the market and tinker with them? Investing shouldn't be such a black box after all. This is the first release of Hello Money, and we have exciting things planned for the future: How LGBT-friendly is your portfolio? Which funds… See more
Johnny Quach
@johnnyquachy · Director of Product @ Rocket Internet
Very cool idea. I just wish there was a little more explaining on some of the more technical aspects of this. I love the idea of legos but if i was someone new to investment I would be quite confused.
Addison Huddy
@addisonhuddy · Product Manager, Pivotal Labs
Awesome product. Using now and loving it.
Ramin Behzadi
@raminbehzadi · COO - Betternet Technologies
interesting idea and tool. thanks for sharing
JP Patil
@jpatil · Product @ Grand Rounds
A lot of common stocks are missing. Almost 1/5 my portfolio in terms of individual companies not holdings. Curious as to how you are pulling that stock data and why you couldn't you start out with a massive list of common stocks?