Hello Egg

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Hello Hunters, We created Hello Egg's to bring the joys of home cooking back to you! This is the first smart assistant with a display and personality designed especially for the kitchen. - Hello Egg plans your weekly meals according to your dietary preferences and adjusts to unpredicted events, like a spontaneous at-home dinner with your vegetarian friend. - It supervises your pantry, organizes your shopping list, and even orders your grocery delivery. - Hello Egg provides you with easy-to-follow, step-by-step voice-navigated video recipes and answers any cooking-related questions with the help of AI. When the question is beyond AI capacity, our 24/7 support team of cooking experts chimes in to help! Please feel free to ask any questions! We'd love to hear your feedback.
@dmitry_shemet Very confused. How does it plan your weekly meals? How does it know the ingredients I have? Is this part of a weekly service like Sun Basket / Plated or standalone? Website doesn't really have answers either.
@nickwoodhams Actually HelloEgg comes with online service where we keep users preferences and limitations and provide meal plans based on that. You can just open the fridge and tell what products you have there. HelloEgg will consider your existing ingredients when makes the meal plan. We do the planning using our algorithms but look for partners for groceries delivery in different US locations.
The "personality" is my favorite part, how cute is its "eye" :)
I want Hello Egg because it's adorable. 😍
When does it start shipping?
@anton_diatlov The first arrival of product will come to backers of HelloEgg crowdfunding campaign. We hope to be prepared for that by the end of Q1.
The 4th product that I've seen that reminds me of the spectacles logo.