Hello by Solaborate

Transforms any TV into a cross-platform communication device

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The Hello device is designed to be affordable for businesses and individuals. It requires only two cables – HDMI and power – and then turns any TV into a voice-controlled cross-platform communication device, with wireless screen sharing, live broadcasting, and motion-activated security surveillance features. It is a voice-controlled device that you can use to talk with friends, family, and colleagues on a video chat service, monitor your kids or pets at home, interact with your business partners or your team, and share your phone or tablet screen without extra cables. It will also act as a security camera in a home as it will send you notifications to any device when it detects unusual activity. Hello has a 4k video sensor, an array of 4 smart microphones, a 130° field of vision, built-in accelerometer, and a tilting lens, so everyone in the room is seen and heard. The platform will now work on Skype, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Cisco WebEx.
When I first saw this I thought it was an updated Highfive. The design looks strikingly familiar... https://highfive.com/
@johnrwhaley this actually the third device I've seen here recently with the exact same form factor to high five.