Helium Hotspot

Powering the world's first peer-to-peer wireless network

Anyone can join The People’s Network and earn rewards by plugging in a Helium Hotspot and providing coverage.
Built to power the world's first peer-to-peer wireless network, the Helium Hotspot rewards owners for connecting to the internet.
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This is so cool. Excited to see this in action. Congrats on the recent funding round @amirhaleem and team
Yes! The peer to peer dream needs to come true. It is the future we all want, I hope you can pull it off. You have my support.
This seems really cool, but I couldn't find any instructions on how to use the network? Are only partners allowed to attach devices to the network, or is it open everyone? to be clear: I'm not talking about the routers, I'm asking about IoT type devices that would send and receive data to the routers.
@matthall2000 it's open and entirely permissionless. we will be releasing end device protocol definitions, firmware and SDK's very soon.
Great idea, but if it really works, it will be a huge network of devices that will consume a large amount of extra energy. In the meantime, as it's required to attach to someone's home network, when you go camping or drive on a country road, there will be no coverage. Ultimately, when 5G is ready, there are no longer needs for router or wifi, all your devices will get access to the internet through the 5G network directly using one internet account.
@huangdun 5G is not suitable for low power devices, so we view them as different technologies for solving different problems
@amirhaleem What would be an example of low power devices that need to connect to the network? Right now in my home, smart devices that are plugged in can access the internet through wifi, and they also act as a hub to devices that use Bluetooth to communicate. So I can still monitor my window sensors or locks through my humidifier or light strips as they are close to each other and can communicate through Bluetooth.
@huangdun as a simple example think of tracking devices and outdoor environmental sensors
Interesting! Would like to try this
@deborahrayne31 you know what to do!