Heat Maps (SumoMe app)

See where people click so you can improve your page

#5 Product of the DayAugust 28, 2014
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Howdy everyone. Love to hear any questions or thoughts on the new product. As well, if you install it I'll have to burn my face off :O
Just installed! While you're churning out growth apps at the speed of a bullet train with slashed brakes, I'd love to get a scroll heat map also! I've been wondering lately how people consume long form articles.
@noahkagan and the team at appsumo are quickly building an impressive growth as a service model. Love it!
@BlendahTom Growth as a service. GaaS. Good name @blendahtom!
@noahkagan There's gonna be a lot of that "good name" once you take a shot of that ghost paper fo sho! :D. But kudos on this one (as well) - awesome addition to the toolset (and already installed!).
@noahkagan dude you just released an app a couple weeks ago! To be honest, I haven't found many grokable examples of heatmaps being insightful enough for a huge jump in conversion. Do you have some PH-friendly examples of heatmaps that created huge changes in the product or landing pages?
Can you explain the USP here compared to CrazyEgg and Clicktale?