HeartIn Portable Electrocardiograph

PC/Smartphone compatible ECG. Check your heart anywhere.

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Hi, Product Hunters, we want to introduce you with revolutionary miniature go-anywhere electrocardiograph. Just plug it into your smartphone or PC and get an instant consultation virtually anywhere through our service http://heartin.net/
From the time you or a loved one start the process of applying the HeartIn ECG’s leads to your body to the time you send data to our examining and consulting cardiologist takes usually no more than 15 minutes for a first time user. We supply an easy-to-read application chart to attach leads, the leads are coded to eliminate confusion, and electrodes attached to your body are adhesive at their ends for ease of personal application. The examining cardiologist can verify correct placement or answer any uncertainties during the consultation. It’s a full 12-lead device with all the data any cardiologist needs to conduct a full evaluation – not a condensed or truncated device -- yet its cost is highly affordable. You will get peace of mind in minutes, and even an instant start on necessary treatment if indicated! All that from the comfort of your home, office, car, the road, hotel, or wherever in the world you and your smartphone or PC can connect to the Internet. We supply the app on free download. Deadly time delays can be minimised by use of the Heart-In Remote Portable 12 Lead ECG Device which can be attached to the patient or helpers at home and read remotely by this company’s cardiologists. Thus, patients who need prompt hospitalisation can be rushed to the nearest capable facility, and those who need less intense care can be followed up accordingly. The result will be: -To Save Lives that might otherwise be lost through time delay -To administer cardio care more efficiently. Heart-In now has just begun manufacturing and selling its portable ECG devices and is seeking distributors worldwide. The manufacture and introduction of a fully functional 12-lead miniature and portable electrocardiograph is a revolution in cardiac diagnosis and treatment that is virtually guaranteed to save lives. We've just launched our Indiegogo campaign! It's a great opportunity to get HeartIn portable electrocardiograph at the EarlyBird Special price. https://www.indiegogo.com/projec...
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My previous roommate recently got charged $2000-3000 for an ECG report when he went to the hospital. With HeartIn, you can now own your own ECG device for a tenth of the price he paid for one report.
@_jacksmith This product really can save money and time for whom needs to check the heart regularly
Diabetes sufferers need monthly electrocardiography, and they can be done from anywhere at any time, day or night, any day of the week using the HeartIn ECG and network cardiologists, whether from home, office or wherever.
Cool idea, but that landing page could use some work – looks sketchy
@kylejohnston Can you please share your opinion? Our team not very deep specialists for landing design, but for the quality of medical devices.
yes, and we've launched our Indiegogo campaign for that reason too)
@alexvinogradov4 a few quick things: - The hero area looks like it was made in PowerPoint or Word — for a device at that price point, I'd expect better quality design. Other popular consumer product sites should serve benchmark for the quality of your visuals and copy (even in a B2B sale) - The stock image of the doctor is a distraction; it would be better to use that space to show how your product works – like featuring one of the videos on the product landing page. - The videos are shot well, but the voiceover + script could be reworked to be more effective. I do freelance design work – happy to help more when you're ready!