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Heartbeat by Fritz is an online publication dedicated to the intersection of machine learning, artificial intelligence, and edge computing.

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Jameson Toole
Jameson TooleHunter@jamesonthecrow1 · Co-founder and CEO at Fritz
Hey Hunters! I’m really excited to share Heartbeat by Fritz. Heartbeat is a publication focused on the intersection of machine learning and edge computing. Heartbeat offers technical guides for tools like TensorFlow, Core ML, and Turi Create as well as practical advice on optimizing and deploying machine learning models in mobile apps. In addition to how-to’s and cookbooks, we love highlighting the incredible products and experiences built by people like you. If you’d like us to feature one of your projects in a Community Spotlight, send us a note at heartbeat@fritz.ai. Have a topic you want to write about? We’re always looking for contributors who want to help others learn: http://bit.ly/writeforheartbeat Here's a popular post that will get you started building an AI powered app in an afternoon: Building NotHotdog with Core ML and Turi Create - In an Afternoon http://bit.ly/heartbeatnothotdog Thanks! Jameson PS - Stay up-to-date on the latest mobile machine learning news by signing up for our weekly newsletter: http://bit.ly/joinheartbeat