Listen to music with your friends together, on Spotify


Ryan Hoover
@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Similar to Parallel by @dnosk. I'm still waiting for someone to bring back the magic of turntable.fm. Downloading now!
Mike Solomon
@mike_solomon · Product Management Lead, Thrillist
I've been looking for something like this that integrates Spotify with a Slack channel (w/ features like list songs Up Next, vote up/down, add tracks to queue, etc.) so that we could have something that resembles a silent rave at the office.
Aidan Wolf
@aidan · I make apps.
I've been on JQBX a lot lately, I'll check this out too.
Aaron Suplizio
@aaronsuplizio · Online Lending, Fintech & VC @ Experian.
Love this concept. Trying it out now. My ID = 39.