Listen to music with your friends together, on Spotify

#1 Product of the DayFebruary 25, 2017
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Similar to Parallel by @dnosk. I'm still waiting for someone to bring back the magic of turntable.fm. Downloading now!
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@rrhoover @dnosk i didn't know how much i would miss tt.fm till it was gone. all around better listening experience for when you just need a genre/artist.
@rrhoover @dnosk Hey Ryan, thanks for trying Heartbeat :) I hadn't heard of Parallel before, it looks really cool! But it seems they shut down :/
@rrhoover @dnosk Part of turntable's appeal was listening with strangers who shared similar tastes. I hope this app and others will go beyond the friend graph.
I've been looking for something like this that integrates Spotify with a Slack channel (w/ features like list songs Up Next, vote up/down, add tracks to queue, etc.) so that we could have something that resembles a silent rave at the office.
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@mike_solomon I want this too, badly. I run a coworking centre for tech folks and would love to have this in our community slack channel. Do let me know if you find anything that sits nicely in Slack with minimal friction!..
I've been on JQBX a lot lately, I'll check this out too.
@aidan I've been using https://www.jqbx.fm a lot too ;) . I think it's closest thing to bringing the magic of TT.fm back!
Love this concept. Trying it out now. My ID = 39.