Tinder with your friends. Party in a group.

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I've gone on a few Groupers in the past. They're fun and there's no pressure to "connect" with anyone when you're hanging with your friends. I also know a lot of people browser Tinder with their friends and I can see this being particularly compelling as a social activity for some.
Peeped these guys in a write up by TNW today. (How did they beat us to it?!) Much like Grouper minus the dating pretext but plus Tinder swiping. Get a crew together and pick dates you're all free to hang out with strangers. See what other groups are down to hang out with strangers that weekend. Match swipes to get the convo started. Cool idea but I imagine dating would still be the main use case, no? TNW article: http://thenextweb.com/apps/2015/...
A great use case that comes to mind is joint happy hours with other companies.