Test your mobile app on different global cell networks

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May Habib
@mayhabib · qordoba.com
very cool. would love to hear from anyone who's used the product.
JJ Kasper
@jj_kasper · blue
Fantastic for anyone pushing apps beyond the US
Nikhil Kejriwal
Have used Headspin while I was working at #fame. It is an amazing automation testing tool and can help you reduce performance inefficiencies by a huge margin. It not only helps in testing across networks but also helped us- 1. reduce the app size 2. increase app speed 3. reduce threshold internet speed for app to work 4. reduce data consumption across netw… See more
@cackleru · https://widgetpack.com
Thanks! Very suitable for our service https://widgetpack.com
Josue Gio
@josuegio · Fan at Roomino.com
I would like to test, but they are sending invites and i send my email weeks ago, without any response. :(