HazeOver: Distraction Dimmer

Focus on one app by dimming all the background windows


Too many windows open to manage? Big display? Or sometimes getting lost in multiple monitors? This app is for you!

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Justyna Rachowicz
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  • Ua Vandercar
    Ua VandercarOwner & Digital Creative at Typewheel

    Keeps me focused on the task as hand. I appreciate the keyboard shortcut to quick toggle when I need to reference an unfocused window.


    I know of no alternative.

    This has been a standard app on my machine. It is one of those utilities that does its work day in and day out making my experience a much more pleasant one. I have wrestled from time to time with how strong to set the opaqueness of my Haze in order to give me a good workspace. I have also not toyed much with changing the color of the haze, but expect this could make for a fresh workspace, if needed.

  • gerasim_sergey
    gerasim_sergeyCEO MacPlus Software, www.noteifyapp.com



    Not Free

    There are several free competitors: Doodim, Hocus Focus, Backdrop, and Isolator, DeskCover.

    Copypast - the author took the idea from Izolator or from other free alternatives that appeared earlier and implemented HazeOver

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