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Mike Coutermarsh
Used to build Product Hunt. Now GitHub
i've been using maid (https://github.com/benjaminoakes...) which is like the open source hacker version of this. Didn't realize until I saw this that they were related. Installing now, looks way easier to use.
John Britton
Education Liaison, GitHub
@mscccc I also use Maid, really prefer it because I can save my config files.
Sureshkumar G
Co,Founder - CEO at MacAppStudio
@mscccc We have just launched our app called declutter, which automatically organises the files in desktop using smart folders. We can configure the folders using different file extensions or names.https://www.producthunt.com/tech...
Julia Roy
Founder, workhacks
I am really obsessed with this app. Been using it for a few months now and it has totally automated tedious file organization tasks. Working on a tutorial to show y'all how I use it ;)
Travis J. Toddi18n at Factory.co
@juliaroy I'd be curious for a use case. Whereas my files are sometimes unorganized, setting up rules seems more tedious than spending an hour hitting delete.
Honey Raj Varma
Raj Ventures, R&Ds
@juliaroy Julia, I think that would be great - please keep us posted when you do post a tutorial. Often, seeing it from a user end as opposed to a company's video is more insightful in seeing specific use-cases.
Maksim Petriv
Founder of Design Hunt
This fell off my radar completely. Great tool if you take the time to setup all the rules.
Justin Mitchell
Founder & CEO @ Yac
My downloads folder gets way over grown with PSD files and source code and just takes up so much space. I manually go in and copy my downloads over to my external, so this app is PERFECT for automating that task. Instant purchase for me.
Zac Coffman-Magaha
Marketing Generalist 2 at PayPal
Love Hazel, I use it alongside FileThis to download all my monthly bills, then categorize/archive by bill > year > month. Also due to doing support for Airmail, I get a TON of screenshots in my download folder, I have Hazel remove all screenshots downloaded via our support channel every 5 minutes.
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